Final Fantasy XV Is So Big that it Requires a Wide Range of Partnerships;Xpec Collaboration Detailed

During the Final Fantasy XV stage event at Taipei Game Show Game Director Hajime Tabata, Xpec CEO Xu Jinlong and Chairman Aaron Hsu went into more detail on what the partnership between Square Enix and the studio from the nearby island-nation entails.

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DarkOcelet1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

So Taiwan helping in the project, we saw Malaysian food. That is really nice. I wonder what other culture will be involved in the project. No wonder its called a Fantasy Based on Reality. I feel this game is gonna be very huge. And i still hope we can walk on those pipes like that cat did.

I also like how Noctis sat on the chair and there was luggage everywhere, it felt so lifelike. Now all they need is more humans and i love how many cats were in the video lol. You dont see that in real life. Maybe we could see a cat fight, that would be cool lol.

I also wonder if there will be other NPCS than human like Final Fantasy XII and The Last Remnant. That would be awesome.

vishmarx1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

pretty sure that wont be the case

though looking at the station shown today,this just might be the biggest jrpg ever.
thats including xenoblade(which i dont consider that big, instead it feels like the characters were just made 2x smaller giving us an illusion of size.) eryth sea was the perfect definition of unnecessarily big.

DarkOcelet1410d ago

I am pretty sure Xenoblade X will be very huge. It might feel not so huge because of the fast mechs and fast characters but it will be huge. If this game is bigger than Skyrim. I will most definitely be happy.

NoctisPendragon1410d ago

FF XV has pure 1:1 scale and the vehicles (the car and the train) speed are correct,so if FFXV hasn't any teleportation point, it'll give us a hard time running through the whole map.

The cat-cam also shows how you are theoretically able to go everywhere (unlike XCX) ,so it may add a lot of explorable area.

FF XV supposed map/part of the map : nt/uploads/2014/11/FFXVMapNoted 2.png?eaa32f .

DarkOcelet1410d ago

I am going to run everything in the game. I just want to feel the massive beauty were are going to be exploring. It looks very beautiful. Hopefully the gameplay is awesome.

hay1410d ago

Corporate to english translation:

"We are outsourcing the shit out of this project 'cause we simply can't handle it. We've went too far with pinning the workload issues on the good hard-working folk, and now when there's too many non-technical time-wasting management who's continuous deceptive "buttcheek chair hold" is now overblowing the challenge. Their idea is to outsource parts of the project to internally pin the already happened fault on something that is not the real perpetrator.
No one will say that management is barely qualified to wipe floors at Starbucks. Especially us, management and public relation team. Pwreashe be exshited."

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rextraordinaire1410d ago

I'm all for huge games, as long as they're populated with actual stuff to do.

Plenty of open world games pad the gameplay with "Picking up flowers and mining ores, wheeeeee". I hope FF XV pads the gameplay with fun activities, like fishing mini games, rare monsters to hunt, secret caves with good loot etc.

A mountain is impressive, but an empty mountain is nothing but a walk in the park if there's nothing to see and do.

DarkOcelet1410d ago

I would rather climb an empty mountain rather than climb one filled with repetitive mission structure. Sometimes i want to explore something just to admire the little details or to see the beauty of the view. And i really hope they look at the amazing content of FFXII because it just had so many beautiful content.

NoctisPendragon1410d ago

He said a mountain because they confirmed traversable mountains.

Nucler1001410d ago

Lol I just hope it comes out this year.

Can't decide if it is or not, don't want the game to be rushed though.

NoctisPendragon1410d ago

Their team seems like getting bigger and bigger anyway , so it may come faster without being rushed or it may not come faster but be more complete.

Nucler1001410d ago

Agree with both possibilities.

Either one would be cool with me as long as the game is "complete" lol.

Jag-T10001410d ago

I don't think this game will make it out this year. That's why I'm just gonna say 2016 so I'm not that dissapointed when I hear the bad news.

TekKing1410d ago

They should hurry up and release this already so they can get started on FF16. I already know FF15 will be just another FF13 clone with 1 character, health regen, etc. so I want this game out as soon as possible so they can hopefully make FF16 a REAL FF game (much like FFvs13 before it got ruined/downgraded after the name change).

jambola1409d ago

i don't know what fake copy of ff 13 you were playing, but they're were 6 characters not 1.
also health regen is not in any way confirmed in xv

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