Consoles: Is the only difference between them the logo on the side? writes "Time was, the type of hardware you were playing on would determine the types of games you were able to play. Even in the last generation, publishers would directly target consoles with specific series, distinguishing the three formats for us, the mere consumers.

Now, exclusives are much harder to come by. In fact, the day has now come when the likes of Sony and Microsoft talk up exclusive features, like extra missions or in-game videos, rather than exclusive games themselves. The only fully-exclusive titles seem to come from either Sony or Microsoft themselves, on the whole.

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Breakfast3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

...its the red lights in-front

chaosatom3690d ago

ps3 having a red light means that it is turned off.

xbox having a red light means that it is dead.

chaosatom3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Sony's huge support towards First Party Titles.
Having Blue-ray.
Having Home.
Doing innovative things with LBP, tank wars, Eye toy (the card battle game).

Sony always tries to always think ahead of everyone else,
whereas Microsoft tries to kill its competition as quickly as it can by launching early,
have halo come out early,
cut its price,
buy off companies.

GiantEnemyCrab3690d ago

@1.2: Maybe you should ask Nintendo about that. Sounds like all the things you listed for Microsoft Sony and the PS1 did to get into the market.

I'm so sick of hearing how MS doesn't innovate(or think ahead) while Sony rips off their ideas of XBL innovations.

ChampIDC3689d ago

I've always seen it stupid to call one console better than the other personally...

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peedie163689d ago

@ GiantEnemyCrab MS doesn't have innovation name one game from the first Xbox or the 360 thats innovative and I agree with you that Sony took the whole trophy thing from MS and XBL But thats because the critics and the fans wanted that(myself not included) and as far as the PS1 goes how did the Sony rush into the market when Sony had been planning the playstation for a long time as a matter of fact we should thank Nintendo for double crossing Sony or we would have never had the playstation.

xbox Forever3689d ago

Sony did the exact same thing to Sega, buying away IPs (Tomb Raider) and effectively killing the Saturn

boodybandit3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I wonder how many that frequent this site know about Nintendo breaking their deal with Sony mid 90's? That is what catapulted them (Sony) into the gaming industry.

Xboxforever EA's lac of support killed the Saturn and not Sony purchasing IP's away from Sega. Although Sega did a pretty good job of killing themselves off with one botched unit after another (Sega CD, CDX, 32X, etc..)

It's a shame too because the Dreamcast (successor to the Saturn) was an excellent system with some excellent games.

silverchode3688d ago

i agree and they won. cant say the same thing for the xbox360

faustomrtnz3689d ago

i have a wii and 360 and i must say its hard to choose which is better.the thing with the wii is it doesnt have many titles people 13+ would find entertaining.teenagers these days like blood and gore and shooting.the wii doesnt have much of that.what it does have is motion use of the wii mote which makes up for the kittyness in most games.the thing with the 360 is most of its games have awesome storylines good xbox live play but short story modes.and i want to get a ps3 but the only games i would play for it are shadow of the colossus 2,heavenly sword,GOD OF WAR 3!,and mgs4

SL1M DADDY3689d ago

It's simple actually, I play the games that come on the more reliable console. At the moment, that would be both the Wii and PS3. The Wii has few titles that keep me interested so I tend to play my PS3 the most. It's not that I favor one console to the other, it's just that I play the console that lets me play games and that doesn't sit in some repair center more often than not.

Shadow Flare3689d ago

There must be a difference since im not interested in buying a wii or 360. To me it just seems,

wii games = kids games
crap games

360 games = shooters
games that don't have great single player modes
the poor man's version of the playstation equivalent

ps3 games = have the franchises i love
= deliver on techinal/ graphical fronts
= often have cool stories
= span the genres really well

i just happen to prefer ps3 games. Thats why im a ps3 fan. So yes, there is a difference between the consoles this gen too

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