Did Last-Generation Borderlands Fans Get Screwed?

411mania: Gearbox finally announced that a Borderlands Handsome Collection would be coming, but it only includes Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel with all DLC and patches included of course. Randy Pitchford went on to say basically “if you buy The Handsome Collection there’s a better chance we will see a Borderlands 1 remastered down the line.” This is of course after saying that “Borderlands Pre-Sequel” would not be coming to next-gen.

Firstly, should people who bought Pre-Sequel on last gen consoles have a right to be upset? Should Gearbox give them some sort of discount on the collection? And why do you think Borderlands 1 was not included? Is there a practical reason? Or is about having a separate remaster to release at another time?

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DarkOcelet1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I think everyone knew that it was going to be released for current gen. It was very obvious. But it is still pissing me off that they didnt include Borderlands 1 which i still think the best in the series.

I think they will release another edition with Borderlands 1, you just wait and see, or maybe they will release it as a pre order bonus with Borderlands 3 or something.

fenome1385d ago

I can't freaking believe they didn't include Borderlands 1 in it! It would have been a day one for me, no hesitation, if they would have included the first one in it. Me and my wife have been playing through it again, I forgot how much fun it really is to play together with her in this game.

toxic-inferno1385d ago

The reason they stated for not including Borderlands 1 was because it runs on a different engine, whereas TPS runs on the same engine as BL2. They probably only originally intended on releasing TPS, and decided that it would be super-easy to throw BL2 in there too.

spacedelete1385d ago

thats absolute BS and you know it. plenty of HD collections released in the past that had different engines. don't be ignorant to believe their lies.

cruzngta1385d ago

Like toxic has said it is a different engine based decision and that is why it isnt in this collection. I am sure they will sell it as a remaster individually at some point. Maybe before the 3rd one comes out. Dont see why not it is a good way for them to make more money from fans of the first who would like to own and play it on next gen consoles.