Destiny: Vault of Glass vs. Crota's End - Which is the Best Raid?

We've seen two raids now in Destiny, but which is the better experience?

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Septic1410d ago

Vault of Glass. It's more thought out. More interesting with a lot of team warm. You have platforming sections, a stealth section, portals and stuff, far more coordination.

The whole affair feels more epic.

Crotas End feels generic and hollow in comparison.

NewMonday1409d ago

and Crota hard raid is super super cheap, it actually punishes you if the team is doing very good with the enrage.

if House of Wolves also relies on cheap wipes then I'm done with this game.

LeoDDestroyer1409d ago

I feel you need more coordination on crota than VoG. That and I also like the fast pace feel of crota than the slowness of VoG. Being the sword bearer on hard mode is a rush.

I still do the vault but that mostly for the fatebringer which I have not gotten yet.

TheStrokes1410d ago

I only just started this game a couple of days ago. Its a LOT better than it was made out to be... and I hated halo. Still a noob though.

GuruStarr781410d ago

keep playing, bro... it gets a lot better after you hit the 20s and 30s level-wise.... just trust me on this..

TheStrokes1409d ago

Im addicted to it now. I have another 7 games ive still to play. Enjoying ot loads though. Need to try TLOU remastered as well! Need more time in the day lol.
Im a level 8 just now on Destiny. Be on it a few hours later.

GuruStarr781409d ago

Yeah, I've got several games I need to play, too.. but Destiny always seems to get in the way!

Before you know it, The house of Wolves will be out.. hopefully I've got enough time between HOW and Plague of comets to play some of those other games...

I've definitely got my moneys worth out of Destiny (DLC included)

masterfox1410d ago

more like who has the best cheeses! XD

pwnsause_returns1410d ago

Vault of glass. Way harder, just for the fact that VOG requires teamwork and a lot of communication.

GuruStarr781410d ago

Vault... Crota's End is fun, but most part can be done with less than a team of six, whereas you pretty much need a full team to do Vault (on Hard)..

I can't wait to see the next raid ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.