10 Video Games That Actually Portrayed Sex Well

For the longest time there wasn’t anything resembling a human element in video game’s portrayal of the hokey-pokey, as any two characters passionately kissing tended to look more like a couple of mannequins gaining temporary sentience before head-butting each other.

However there’s more to The Love-Making Process (as comedian Ross Noble once called it) than just that, and the following eight releases actually managed to get far more right than wrong.

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chrissx1409d ago is a big joke

CloudRap1409d ago

Destiny, in the tower I tap the circle button with guardians all the time!

SuicidalTendencies1409d ago

Seems like we get this article once a week.

YamiMarik1409d ago

Sex in games is completely pointless.

strangeaeon1409d ago

I totally agree, I don't want to witness some nerds idea of sex, even if its done well. Just imply it and fade to black.

Spotie1409d ago

That sounds like a prude's idea of sex. Honestly, I'd rather have the nerd's version, if there's gonna be one at all.

Why is it okay on film, or on print, but NOT okay in a game? Why is it immature to play a game with sex in it, but not to watch it or read about it?

thehobbyist1409d ago

What does it add to the game's story? The only thing it seems to be adding to is the bank account of all the mocap actors.

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