H1Z1 Preview – Players more Deadly than Zombies | Tech Raptor

I will start off by admitting that I am not a PC gamer. I don’t particularly enjoy first person or zombie based games, but there was something about H1Z1 that caught my eye. The open sandbox style with the day to night changes, as well as the eating and drinking for survival mechanics while nothing new, are certainly underused, so I decided to go all in on my immersive zombie experience.

It’s very much still in its alpha stage and some of the more hilarious bugs such as zombies stuck motionless in the air, zombies running through and getting caught in the walls of caravans as well as the way that crates had a tendency to be smashed to pieces before miraculously popping back into reality could all be easily forgiven. None of this was game breaking and was sort of charming in the way Goat Simulator is.

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