Dying Light Manager Tool – Disable Shadows, Chromatic Aberration and more

VisMOwnZ decided to make a small manager tool for Dying Light wich allows users to simply check or uncheck options they want. Techland blocked cheating by changing game’s data files in a recent patch which is blocking players from gaining more performance, but with this tool you still can.

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VER1ON1413d ago

Now thats a handy tool.

GreenGamers1413d ago

Yeah i know! Developers really should give us more graphics options in the future.

Meltic1412d ago

I disabled motion blur and fixed the GPU render Power to high. My fps is evn better now. I can mx out the view distance now. This PC dying light is bug i Think. They must fix this with a propper crack. My computer should max this game and still play 60 fps.

warrior821405d ago

Thanks...awesome stuff!