Xenoblade Chronicles X director on loading time, party size, online, music

Famitsu has a major feature on Xenoblade Chronicles X in this week’s issue. In addition to a new preview, the magazine shared an interview with director Tetsuya Takahashi.

One of the things Famitsu brings up is how Takahashi called the original Xenoblade “an orthodox RPG”, even though the field was huge and there were a number of different challenges. Takahashi says in response that the story of the original Xenoblade Chronicles “was one big thread so I think it was a linear game.” But in Xenoblade Chronicles X, “the story progresses in various directions as you finish quests which you get from different places.”

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AKR1410d ago

Monolith really pushed the original Wii with XC, and it looks like they're doing the same thing here with the Wii U with XCX. This should be really good!

shloobmm31410d ago

I personally don't feel the graphics are very good at all but it won't stop me from buying the game and playing the hell out of it.

pcz1410d ago

xenoblade is the best game i played in years

im curious about the music for X because the original had some of the best game music i have ever heard in a game. and it had to be strong music because you would be hearing the same song for hours on end while you grind through levels.

apparently X uses a new composer, so im a bit apprehensive about the direction the music will take. i hope they have stuck to a similar style, because the music was such a defining part of the first game's identity.

The 10th Rider1410d ago

Well, they've seemed pretty excited about the game's music. If what we've heard in the trailers is anything to go off of it should be pretty awesome!

Concertoine1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Well its the dude who composed the Attack on Titan theme, which i never get sick of. And i dont even like the show :P

DeusEx-Machina1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

If you haven't already, you can find two full length tracks called "BGM"s ("background music" maybe?) on the official website, "". Just click the button(s) "BGM on". (One is located in the right lower corner of the background image and the other you can find if you scroll down to where it says "BGM Archives")

Personally, I felt initially a little disappointed, as the style is very different from the old. But since then, the music has really grown on me. Now I really love it. I have accepted that they are really going for something different, more 'sci-fi'-styled with this game. And the new music style reflects that. I don't know if you'll like it too, but it's worth giving it a chance.

Metallox1410d ago

What are evet scenarios, exactly?

zavierkai1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

they don't make cutscenes thats the game engine in realtime. Monolith soft do that with all their games xeno saga xeno blade chronicles and xeno gears.

wonderfulmonkeyman1410d ago

Event scene or cut scene, it amounts to the same thing; a moment where storyline scenes act out without player input.

Segata1410d ago

This game may take my life away

Metallox1410d ago

So basically you would need to play ~12 days without stopping to finish the game 100%. And that's for expert people in the RPG genre, clearly not my case. I hope it launches during vacations, it can't ruin my school.

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