UGO: Bionic Commando Developer Interview

UGO writes: "For a title that can be associated with niche fanboy-ism, Bionic Commando is gearing up to hit gamers over the head later this year with its next-gen release and XBLA and PSN remake Bionic Commando: Rearmed. We sat down with Ulf Andersson, the game's lead designer, and Ben Judd of Capcom USA to grind out what exactly has changed for the series, and how the Swedish developer is coping with updating a 20 year old NES classic. Intrigued? Read on!

Q: What came first for you in development, recreating the original or starting with your new revision of the title?

UA: We started with [the new] Bionic Commando first. Then for several reasons we did the BCR remake. I think the biggest motivation to do [Rearmed] is the fan service, of course. Also, it's an obvious choice to bring the game back out so people remember it and are like "oh my god." I think we'll get some new gamers too."

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