GT Countdown - Community's Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2015

GT - You've spoken! See the GT Community's top picks for Most Anticipated of 2015. (9:53)

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vishmarx1352d ago

lol xv isnt even 2015 and it still got a spot

pedrof931352d ago

No Halo ? Nor The Order ?

adumbpolock1351d ago

It was a community vote. You got 2 choices, your first choice got 2 points and your second got 1 point.

DigitalRaptor1351d ago

Damn. Lots of Japanese games on that list, really nice to see.

No Halo 5, though? Damn. In fact, no Xbone exclusives? Damn.

JacketsNest1011351d ago

My vote for Xenoblade got featured!!!!!!!