Kombo Pre-E3 2008: Playing Skate It with the Wii Balance Board

Kombo writes: "At its recent pre-E3 event at its Los Angeles studio, Electronic Arts allowed members of the media for the first time to play Skate It with Nintendo's Wii Balance Board. Other than using the Balance Board control scheme, the demo on hand at EA's studio was no different from the last Skate It demo we played a few months ago. If you want a breakdown of what to expect from Skate It, you can read our other hands-on report with the game. This post is all about the Balance Board controls.

Playing Skate It with the Balance Board works exactly how you'd expect. You step onto the board and steer your in-game skater by leaning left and right. With the Wii-mote in hand, meanwhile, you control actions like pushing your board forward and grabbing it. It'd be a little silly, though, if you actually performed tricks using the Wii-mote, considering you have a skateboard-like device just beneath your feet. Thankfully, that's not the case. You control your board's physical movements using your body. To ollie, you simply motion as if you were going to ollie with a real-life skateboard. There is a noticeable difference between ollying in real-life and in Skate It, however. You don't actually jump off the board when playing Skate It -- the impact of your body weight slamming onto the Balance Board over and over would probably render it useless within minutes. Instead, you simply motion as if you're about to ollie, but right before you jump, you don't. All flip tricks, meanwhile, are controlled the same way. To kickflip, you must ollie and apply pressure to the side of the Balance Board. Again, though, you don't actually jump off the board."

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