Can Master Chief save the Chinese Xbox One?

Tech in Asia: After months of complaints about a poor game lineup, Microsoft China confirms it's working on bringing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to China. But can that save the struggling console?

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Rimeskeem1411d ago

I don't recall the Chinese being a very big Halo community

XiMasterChief1411d ago

I don't recall Halo even releasing in China (maybe except for the first two).

MrSwankSinatra1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I don't recall anything.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago

Chinese gamers play MMOs and RPGs. First Person Shooters are D.O.A.

Magicite1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

He can save USA/UK Xboxes and maybe make some impact on Europe's mainland, but thats as far as he goes.
And yeah, chinese prefer F2P and online games, not to mention, that they wont allow game with shooting to be released there.

ThePope1411d ago

That's strange because an online only COD is launching in China.....

Leave it to gamers to not be business savvy. Not to go on a rant but there are some real fools in our community, or at least in these comment sections. Just because a banned product is now available doesn't mean people are going to go crazy for it. The Chinese need to see a benefit to a console vs a PC which they've had for ever now. So for EITHER MS or Sony to make in roads will take years. It's a gaming console not a car advantages of owning one don't show themselves as readily.

SaveFerris1411d ago

I would think the Chinese are more interested in MMO or MOBA games?

wodan1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Nope a game with a broken online that they cant fix cant.

TrollityTroll1411d ago

I dunno. Does anyone have a handle on what type of games appeal to the chinese audience?
Halo is HUGE in the west, however that does not mean it'll gain much traction in the east.
Just because it's the flagship XBOX game in the US/UK doesn't mean China will give two hoots about it.

So real question should be "Does Halo appeal to the Chinese audience?".
And personally I have no idea, can't say I've ever looked into the gaming tastes of China.

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The story is too old to be commented.