Midway Reveals Render of Flash!

The image shows the legendary speedster making his way through the ruined Metropolis stage previous shown, donning his trademark outfit. The black/white cut out versions of this render are available as well, though in a much smaller resolution.

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Polluted3661d ago

Wonder if this is Wally West or Barry Allen.

fjtorres3661d ago

...since they got the costume wrong it could be anybody.
Maybe its Walter West... :-)

UnSelf3661d ago

Does it matter? This whole DC vs MK debacle is proof that Midway has really lost they way.....Superman in a fighting game??? really now?? Flash also?? smh

byeGollum3661d ago

you never know it might turn out good - especially for fans, but i would have prefered MK vs Marvel - i never heard of DC until i heard of this Game.

Nitrowolf23661d ago

dude MK VS. Marvel would have been better
but stil it would probaly get the same degative feed back

Hey who thinks they should add Mr. Freeze?

outlawlife3660d ago

i think i can see where this one is going

anybody remember how good the justice league task force game was back in 16 bit days? yeah...

not expecting much from this game, probably won't even rent it

its like they want to be a competitor for marvel vs. capcom but several years too late