GameStop Restocks Wii!

Wii is about to launch here in Australia, and the second load of Wii's have now made their way into GameStop's hands available in the form of Nintendo Wii Most Wanted Bundle!

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Sphinx4395d ago (Edited 4395d ago )

Once again they are forcing people to buy bundles. This sickens me. I used to love GameStop, but now get all my gaming stuff from Circuit City (sometimes Best Buy) because of this.

Grown Folks Talk4394d ago

not the stores. they are run as 2 separate entities.

WhEeLz4394d ago

never notice eb/gamestop doing bundles...matter of fact just got my ps3 today without getting a bundle

MicroGamer4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

When they know they have some titles that won't sell on their own so they bundle up some hot sellers with the stinkers and force you to buy them with a system to reduce stock.

UrbanJabroni4394d ago

This is just a garbage online deal.

I've called the 15 or so "local" gamestops every single day trying to get a second damn wii-mote and no luck. :(

sandip7874394d ago

8th december is gonna be a night to remember in the uk. although im not gettin one on launch, i will be round at friends havin a go with it.

MicroGamer4394d ago

they don't have a shortage of accessories there like they did here in USA. If you didn't pre-order extra controllers, you were pretty much out of luck, which is stupid considering Wii is supposed to be a party system. Party system = lots and lots of extra controllers.

sandip7874394d ago

that is pretty stupid really. im guessin ther'll be no multiplayer on the nite then lol. is it possible to play a game like golf with diffeent players but using the same controller?

Bill Gates4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

"9-10 years like Sony thinks it will. Consoles don't have life cycles that long. They always get obsoleted by the competition long before then. The only console I think that pushed the boundaries that far was the Atari 2600 which ran from 1977-1992. The Intellivision had a good long run, being produced from 1979-1991 but they had like 4 different owners in that time and didn't run as long as the 2600 did. "

What you're saying is true, but this is what Sony is also doing. They're going back to the old roots of hardwear business practices where you create something and sell it for long periods of time. Except this time the hardware is able to be cutomizable to an extent, but the softwear will continue to evolve through updates. It's a very smart business practice, and it works for them, than Sony will reap many rewards, and if not, then they're in trouble. This is the reason why so much is riding on the PS3. And this is why Sony will stop at no cost to assure the success of the PS3.

"If you do not like my opinion, DO NOT reply to me. Simply state your OWN opinion so others may read it and contribute theselves. Thank You."

MicroGamer4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

but why didn't you put this reply in the appropriate thread?? Oh, I forgot, you only get one post per thread. Sorry. Anyway, the whole PS3 thing hinges on BOTH Blu Ray beating HD-DVD AND PS3 games beating 360 and Wii games. It also depends heavily on Sony's online strategy beating Microsoft and Nintendo's. Let's look at all of those. OK, first we have the B-R vs. HD-DVD thing. HD-DVD players are cheaper than B-R players and will be for a while yet. The base PS3 is price competitive with a base HD-DVD player, but Microsoft's HD-DVD player is cheaper than both of them. Also, HD-DVD movies had a big head start over Blu-Ray and early adopters are out there making a difference already. HD-DVD discs are outselling B-R discs by a wide margin. Microsoft rolling out a $200 player to the nearly 8 million 360 owners is going to widen that gap considerably. The HD-DVD player was also released in Europe today and there isn't a PS3 in sight. So much for Blu-Ray beating HD-DVD in Europe.

Next point, PS3 is so late out the gate this time, their horse is running backwards. 360 has over 150 games out right NOW that people can buy this Christmas. What does PS3 have?? 13?? If you can even get a PS3 this Christmas, that is. PS3 isn't going to start releasing their really killer games until probably at least the last quarter of 07, so 360 is really going to start widening the gap with people who can't wait that long.

Let's look at the online. Microsoft was a little shaky when Live first came out for the first XBox, but they managed to get it all together and now with the 360 it is pretty much complete. Sony is having a really hard time just getting vendors to participate, but their model involves giving the service away free to users, but charging vendors for allowing them to display their wares there. Now, call me crazy, but if games vendors can go to Live and get all the free advertising they want there, why should they pay Sony for it?? The installed base is so small right now, that it isn't worth it to pay to put their games there. That is why EA won't commit to putting their games on PS3 Station Store. If vendors won't pay to have their products promoted on PS3's online, then users will not sign up for it and may not even buy a PS3 because the online sucks.

With just these three things, and nothing else working against it, PS3 cannot possibly last 10 years out, and there are a lot more things wrong with PS3 and Sony itself that are also going to drag it down.

Grown Folks Talk4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

based on the fact that you are being civil with people now, i've given you positive feedback. i don't know how many a person needs to get a bubble, but i figure everybody should have no less than 2 so they can at least respond when spoken to. i don't agree with you often, but i still say you should be able to post a comment and then respond when someone replies to you. not that you probably care much coming from me, but it's done. hopefully i won't regret my decision in the future.

MicroGamer4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

and tried to give him another one, but you can only vote for each member once apparently. I guess that's to prevent your friends from giving you your bubbles backs immediately after the moderators have taken them away, but he hasn't been very offensive in the time that I have been here and I would rather continue this conversation in one thread than be chasing around multiple threads with it.