Dev: Mass Effect 4 Will Retain Its Own Identity, Dragon Age: Inquisition Won't Be A Template For It

The next installment in Mass Effect franchise is already in development at Bioware, but when it comes to providing/announcing details about the game the developers are keeping their cards close to their chest and still safeguarding them for a big reveal probably at E3 2015. The hype and expectations surrounding Mass Effect 4 is massive, and it reach to another level after fans came to know that the development team who worked on Dragon Age: Inquisition are now working on Mass Effect 4.

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markoghc1416d ago

I would argue that Mass Effect never even had its own identity, it was pretty much reskinned Knights of the Old Republic.

Agent_00_Revan1416d ago

My head would explode if we ever got a proper new Kotor.

MrCrimson1416d ago

I'm fine with that, what I don't want is a re-skinned dragon age.

IrisHeart1416d ago

I wonder how they are gonna fix the mess ending in ME3.

Summons751416d ago

probably by picking their favorite color and committing that it was the canonical ending fans feelings or not.

Aloren1416d ago

Of course they'll pick a canon ending. Or try not to mention the original trilogy too much.
What would you want them to do ? Create 4 prologues that evolve in completely different games ? The endings changed more than just the color...

Anyway, High EMS destroy is the logical choice. It should be good enough for at least 90% of the players (since 50% didn't even finish the game, and almost 80% of those who finished picked high EMS destroy cause Shepard lives). I'd say the new hero will be stranded in some remote part of the galaxy until the mass relays are repaired at the end of ME4...

Deadlead1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Good question. I can finally say my bitterness has dissipated enough for excitement to rise. I expect they may just avoid the reapers all together. New threat, New timeframe, and New hero. The reapers and Shepard will be regarded as just ancient history. An equivocal history of mythical perportions, the truth shrouded and conecealed by time itself.

IrisHeart1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Nah I mean, with any choice they had...there is just no continuity. One is destroy which means everybody is trapped on a torn Earth with no form of transportation since the MR take 15,000 years to make or so. Control and the other one = indoctrination which...well it was the ME1's plot really, which is why I found it hilarious as a choice. It really shows in any sort of media when their head writer doesn't Blizzard.

Deadlead1416d ago

Anyone else think EA and MS may have struck a deal for this series at the beginning of this gen?

Agent_00_Revan1416d ago

They may have tried. But I think EA didnt bite on that one. Too much money at state these days to be exclusive with popular franchises.

Deadlead1416d ago

Hope you're right wouldn't want anyone to miss out on these games, just got a bad feeling.

GokuSolosAll1416d ago

Hopefully much less homosexuality, too

Eamon1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I certainly hope so. Inquisition felt really unrealistic in that respect. Felt like characters that were straight were outnumbered by gay characters.

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