5 Best Survival Tips for Dying Light

GameRibs: Without any doubt Dying Light is one of the most challenging games of recent times. It is quite difficult to survive while playing this video game due to tougher enemies of two different types even in one on one encounter. Both zombie and human are deadly enough to offer deadly resistance for players to move forward.

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WizzroSupreme1411d ago

All of them should involve: "Run!"

BluEx6101411d ago

Use fire crackers to draw Zombies to one spot, and toss a Molotov in there to light em all up. Easy points, and great when there's a horde in your way. This game is surprisingly fun so far. Slow start but really is fun later on.

Yukicore1411d ago

Nice tip, burning the zombies is a great way to get rid of them, and you can enjoy the nice view too.

Gears_President1411d ago

"Too much possibilities of dying and every death take you away from your target so these safe places are of great importance." ??? Your English teacher would not be happy.