Sony Producer Teases Possibility of a New Wild Arms: "Wild Arms' Fire Has Not Been Extinguished"

Fans of the Wild Arms series have been hoping for a new game for a while, and during a live broadcast hosted by Sony from the Tokaigi Japan Games Party 2015 Producer Kentaro Motomura mentioned something that could make many smile.

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Snookies121416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

PLEASE! I need this in my life... *Runs off to go play previous Wild Arms games*

Abriael1416d ago

You're not the only one :D

vishmarx1416d ago

damn i still remember that music

bouzebbal1416d ago

what i think it's a pity is that they tease something that will probably never come to life. WA fire hasn't been extinguished? but why wait all these years?

PoSTedUP1416d ago

i remember when sony made wild arms 1 free on the store by accident, thats what got me into the franchise. love it, bought the second one too and wild arms FX on psp.

WildArmed1416d ago

I don't know why these guys keep taunting me.

Every few months they go WILD ARMS... and I get all excited and go play Wild arms 1-5... then nothing....

christian hour1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I'll never forget the day I went in to my local video store (these ancient buildings where one could rent VHS tapes containing moving images and electronic cartridge/disc-based games) and this title jumped out from the shelf at me.

I had heard nothing about it (gaming magazines in Ireland rarely covered RPG's back then, and the internet was lacking a google) but I gave the man my copper and tupence and went on my merry way; after manually cranking up the generator and putting the cows out to pasture, I put the disc in and pressed the power button (a physical thing that moved down and back up when pressed) and played til the cows came home. (The cows in this sense, were figurative)

Sadly I never got to play any of the other Wild Arms games but I gladly welcome a new entry in the series :D

nosferatuzodd1416d ago

what what what i just came back from the shadow realm i was talking to ziekfried and the other demons drinking and laughing at humans now i hear this sweat Sony sweat you're not bad for a human company lol sign NosferatuZodd arch demon

christian hour1416d ago

Punctuation is nice, don't you think?

3-4-51415d ago

I have the first one on my psp I still need to play.

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-Foxtrot1416d ago

See if they are thinking about games like this then maybe Legend of Dragoon 2 isn't impossible

Relientk771416d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2 is a must

no_more_heroes1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

LoD was the first JRPG I ever played. I need to see this game reborn!

metatronx1416d ago

Direct by Shuhei...There I said it!

Gamer19821416d ago

Sony are probably gonna be picking up a few old time classics this gen like WA and LOD purely because they have a lot more studios than ever even after closing a couple and investing even more into gaming. This is all due to amazing PS4 sales.

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4theplayers1416d ago

I hope this is Level-5 new game.

George Sears1416d ago

I'd much prefer them making a new Dark Cloud game.

Magnus1416d ago

A new Wild Arms I hope so its one of my fave JRPGS. Now if Sony could also make a sequel to Rouge Galaxy, Legend of Dragoon, Legaia, and Dark Cloud I would be set. And I also wish Namco would do an HD remake of the Xenosaga franchise I will be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.