WWE Immortals for Android Review by Gaming on Batteries

Carl Williams writes, "The World Wrestling Federation’s popularity seems to come and go in waves. One decade they are popular but then they do something that seems cool only to screw it up later, through implementation of said action. One instance is the buyout of competitor World Championship Wrestling in the early 2000’s. At first it seemed like a great idea but then fans, such as myself, had to sit through the “invasion” angle where things fell apart. The next decade plus the WWE has not been all the popular with the diehard fans (though they continue to sell out HUGE arenas that other wrestling companies simply cannot afford to even rent). That brings me to their game offerings."

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ItsJackYDK1411d ago

On android, when you either first start the game up, or when you try and play a match after the tutorial, why does the game freeze and then boot me off?

triverse1411d ago

That is weird. I know it is not an ideal solution considering the size of the game, but have you uninstalled and re-installed it?

Another option would be to make sure your device is up to date as far as the operating system goes. That could be what is causing you to be booted.

ItsJackYDK1410d ago

I have tried this 7 times and still no luck, it is fully up to date as far as I'm aware, is there anything else you can suggest, or know anyone with the same problem that has fixed it?