The Score: Are You Going Amiibo Hunting in February?

Amiibo hunting season begins tomorrow! Will you be participating?

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DarkBlood1410d ago

damn right i will be. its going to be like neo fighting mutiple Agent smiths to me when it comes to finding the ones i need at retail price

Metallox1410d ago

Not really. I'll wait more, until one figure is compatible with at least six or seven games.

Amorist891409d ago

Wish I could, reality has unfortunately caught up with me moving house in February :( lol. Pretty much in a financial minefield, the joys of life eh?

Only have Mario for the moment but definitely keen to build a little collection. I know it's gimmicky yet they're attractive display pieces besides being game compatible.

I am really hoping Nintendo wont lose steam with their Amibo plans, these great sales should reflect through more expansive developments in the near future, hopefully. Strike while the iron is hot Nintendo!

wonderfulmonkeyman1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I got Shulk reserved. That's the only other Amiibo I care about besides Link and maybe DK.
Because I'm hoping for Xenoblade X functionality out of Shulk's Amiibo, mostly.
Might get the Zelda Amiibo too at some point, but after that, it's up in the air as to whether or not I'll get more.

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