Nintendo makes 250 Million, SEGA shrinks again, GameStop reselling Amiibo? – WiR 1/31/15

Join Shawn Long as he talks about and shares thoughts on some of the latest stories from the past week, such as Nintendo's financial reports, SEGA downsizing (again), and more!

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Stringerbell1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Sega isn't a gaming company anymore they haven't been since the Dreamcast. Think about the Sega titles that came out on the PS2,GC and XB by and large those were DC ports or planned DC games. Seventh gen was hit or miss one good IP say Valkyria chronicles followed by a slew of poorly published Marvel games. Or non localization of other games Valkyria Chronicles 3, Yakuza 5 (until recent).

They are a company that primarily focuses on pachinko machines (quite profitably too) and every so often they throw us a bone. The old Sega that throw money at weird / strange products nearly buried the company. Thats the Sega the lot of us loved, but its never coming back =/

wonderfulmonkeyman1412d ago

If Sega had focused on rebooting some of its older franchises instead of cooperating with BRB for Sonic Boom, they might have started regaining some traction...

OrangePowerz1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I'm baffled by how much they try to bring Sonic into the 3D world when instead they should just make new 2D Sonic games. The Kirby games are still a blast and so was the latest Donkey Kong game and Rayman. They updated the graphics to modern standards while keeping them side scrolling 2D games and updated a few gameplay elements.

They could make those for a lot less and stell them for 20-30 bucks.

randomass1711411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

If Sonic 4 and the 3DS games showed us anything its that they can't really do 2D very well either. :U

MSBAUSTX1411d ago

Sonic Unleashed was good, sonic Colors was better and Sonic Generations was awesome. Sonic Lost World wasnt bad but not as good as those other Three. They had a good thing going and were starting to get their fan base back until they started sharing the development and once Boom was going it was doomed. They should have kept up what they were doing with generations because that game was money.

DaGodKing1412d ago

damn sega in middle school you was the man sega f... happen to u..

but seriously sega man you need to do something to bring back those good times back.. i think and i know that people dont like it is to pretty much sell themselves to nintendo because nintendo would know what to do with their main franchise of old and can also use there newer games to bolster there rep..and also give us a true crossover mario and sonic not some Olympic stuff..

WizzroSupreme1412d ago

It's just sad to see that Sega's still the one to fall short in every department either in good times or bad. Sonic needs to be put to rest one way or the other if this is how they insist on treating him year after year.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1412d ago

If GameStop is doing this, it is rather stupid. Everyone knows that there is a shortage of amiibos, so they really gain nothing from doing this if they are doing it.

Hopefully Nintendo can continue to make money and stay in the console business. We agree that them going 3rd party would probably be a bad thing.

Sega needs to do something with their gaming business since the overall corporation doesn't seem to care about it that much.