Street Fighter V: Brand New Gameplay Videos Show Star Players Battle in Tapiei: Ryu vs Chun-Li

Today, during a stage event at Taipei Game Show, Capcom’s jolly Producer Yoshinori Ono presented a Street Fighter match showing off Ryu and Chun-Li.

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kingtroy1413d ago

I dont see Cammy just Ryu and Chun li again

Abriael1413d ago

Yeah, Had a brain fart. Fixed.

pelida1413d ago

Yeah right. And the guy from the article made the same mistake and apologize with exactly the same words

Abriael1413d ago

@pelida: that's probably because I'm "the guy from the article?" :D

Yi-Long1413d ago

Why are there double character portraits on each top-side of the screen!?

Both on the left as well as on the right side, it shows both Ryu and Chun-Li in the picture.

Abriael1413d ago

That's because it's three screens side by side. What you see is just the portrait on the other side of the next screen :D

Yi-Long1413d ago

Thank you :) I was watching the video on my phone, so sadly I didn't pick up on that:)

Majin-vegeta1413d ago

I though it was actually Cammy the character ;_;

subtenko1413d ago

Dont worry, we'll get something new probably at the PS Experience.

Can't wait, will be picking this up. I got back into fighting games because of Playstation All-Stars and free PS+ fighters like KOF (Game is AWESOME!)

If only we can see this talent in a PlayStation All-Stars 2 done the right way.

Question if you had to pick one tho, SFV or MKX?

Bigpappy1413d ago

The range attacks factor too much in the game. More like a shooter than a fighter. It is not encouraging me to want to go back to the series. It still looks too much like the same old.

TekKing1413d ago

Welcome to the streets.

tlougotg1413d ago

If this was on xbone and exclusive you'd call it the next godsend in gaming lol your subtle but stealth trolling is legendary lol also your bias.

Your the same guy that use to come on here during the original Kinect days and tell ppl (tht were complaining it wasn't precise or didn't work good ) tht it was the best thing ever and if it didn't work for them they weren't using it right 😂

SonyOnly41413d ago

They would hype up anything as proven by the fact they are hyping Screamride.......XD

XabiDaChosenOne1413d ago

By your comment you obviously never went to the series in the first place -_-.....

Bigpappy1413d ago

You are 1/2 correct. I play Street Fighter casually in the arcades in the 80's, early 90's. Never really played competitively. Those Ryu wave seemed to come a lot slower at the time and I could just time them a jump over to get in close.

I really was expecting to be surprised by what they did to update and freshen the look. it just looks like Street Fighter with a fresh coat a paint.

I think people who are harden fans and play it competitively would be happy with it not changing much. But for someone like me who would just play though the arcade mode, it there is one, I would have liked to see a 3D world when the camera stays to the side and follows the action. A world where there is now some lateral movement in the gameplay. These effects could also have a stronger impact, so that the fighting sounds more violent.

Inception1413d ago

"it still looks too much like the same old"

Lol why? You expect that Street Fighter V suddenly will look and play like CoD or Halo??? It's STREET FIGHTER for godsakes.

dillydadally1413d ago

Yeah, this video actually made me less interested. The ONE thing I wanted was some way to stop fireball spam. So annoying to play against and makes pro play so much more boring to watch too. This looks like they actually made it worse for some reason!

SilentNegotiator1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Translation: "A game series I obviously don't play is not coming to Xbone but is on Ps4; I'd better start spreading FUD now."


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NuggetsOfGod1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Glad I have the option to buy SF5 on pc.

Imo MKX looks better in every way and
makes me want to get back into fight.

I'll keep my eye on this though.

cutthroatslim1413d ago

Ur 'stealth' trolling sux soo bad, its awful and u should quit... Always hating on PS games its sad

MasterCornholio1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Well then just buy Mortal Kombat for your PC if you like it better.


I dont have a capable PC but I can buy both fighters for my PS4 if I want to.

Sevir1413d ago

Damn! On a scale of bland and Mc.Donalds' fries how salty are you? You come in here to mock the game and bring up MKX as if it pertains to STREET FIGHTER 5... well since you're happy you have the option to play SF5 on your pc. We are extremely happy we have the option to play both SF5 and MKX on our PS4s... Run along now bitter salty troll.

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