Final Fantasy 7 turns 18: 18 amazing facts about the PlayStation classic

MetroUK writes:"Wow, do I feel old today. I remember the awe I felt as the graphics, music and story unfolded in one of gaming’s biggest triumphs of all time as I first played the masterpiece that is Final Fantasy VII."

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Cy1236d ago

Fact 19: It will never get a remake.

Magicite1236d ago

This game is a pure classic, its the only game in gamefaqs that has been in top 100 for more than 5000! days (with FFX being over 4000 days)

kalkano1236d ago

"There is a surprisingly offensive line of dialogue between Tifa and Barret if you opt to sneak into the Shinra Building the back way."

So offensive that you can't even tell us what it is...? Really...?

Rebel_Scum1236d ago

Possibly this:
Why they gotta build these buildings so damn tall?
That Shinra... They're just no damn good.


huff... Man, I'm beat...
Marlene, Daddy wanted to see your face one more time...

Would you stop acting like a retard and climb!?
It's just a bit more!

kalkano1236d ago

What, because they use the word "retard"? Give me a break.

Rebel_Scum1236d ago

Well it is an English site. Hell, when TMNT came out in the early 90's it was called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Its a bit of a nanny state with vocabulary like that.

Kumomeme1236d ago

dont forget the original english version translation are not very good..maybe refer to japanese version...or maybe that part already being cut out or adjusted
or something was quite offensive for people's of 90's

kalkano1235d ago

There's not much that was offensive in the 90's, that's not offensive today. People's skin is getting thinner and thinner. It's ridiculously easy to offend someone, these days.

LightDiego1236d ago

One of my favorite games ever.

hkgamer1236d ago

is 18 even a significant year? is there any point in this?

RoKStevonidas1236d ago

They're impatient turds who couldn't wait two years to write a proper memorial.

Agent_00_Revan1236d ago

FF7 is now of legal age. Expect nude pics and maybe a porn appearance soon. ;)

FullmetalRoyale1236d ago

That airship has long since set sail.


Spotie1236d ago

Pretty certain there'll be one of these next year, too.

Jonny5isalive1236d ago

FF7 can smoke cigarettes now.

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The story is too old to be commented.