Hot new Fable 2 info, box art revealed

TalkingAboutGames writes: "Remember back at this year's Game Developer's Conference when Peter Molyneux announced and demoed Fable II's co-op play and LIVE Arcade tie-in games? That was huge. Fable II will be one of the first retail titles to have full-fledged Arcade counterparts that actually can affect your real game. Dubbed the Fable II Pub Games, the following three titles will be open to you the gamer: Keystone, Spinnerbox and Fortune's Tower. Microsoft and Lionhead Studios today announced the release plans for the game-changing Arcade titles, and what you'll have to do to get them."

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Ri0tSquad3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

the way it interacts with Fable II is pretty cool. I don't like the box art though. I like this one more.

But I'm assuming that's just the box art for the collectors edition and the regular one will look like the one I posted.

elitewh0re3664d ago

yup not much of a fan of this limited edition case. This arcade thing should be good though, not sure if it's for everyone (can't really imagine many people playing this before fable2) but it's a step in a good direction for xbl integration.

I kinda wonder if any other games could intergrate a similar idea, I would have loved a blitzball standalone game a-kin to championship manager. That woulda been sweet.

Lifendz3664d ago

I loved the original (even though it didn't deliver on all the promises). Hopefully this can be that AAA RPG on 360.

meepmoopmeep3664d ago

i really like the cover, except i don't like how they always have that dumb banner on top of 360 games and the green casing.

i think the arcade games is a cool feature though. at least you have two options for grinding.

ChrisGTR13664d ago

theres still the last big feature of the 3 to be revealed this e3. 1 more week!

Boldy3664d ago

Thanks for reminding me about that. I completely forgot about it.

Superfragilistic3663d ago

Yeah bubbles for the reminder, I had completely forgotten! lol

Tacki3664d ago

I must say my interest for this game has recently perked. Not a big fan of the first... but I'm willing to give this a try as it seems like it'll be a big improvement in many ways.

I'm also digging the box! Simple and clean (*is the way that you're making me feel tonight*).

Can anyone tell me what comes in the the LE? The box looks quite large and I'm interested in what you'll be getting. If it's yet been announced that is.

Boldy3664d ago

"Shelling out $79.99 for the latter will net you a bonus DVD about the making of the game, a collectible Hobbe figurine, additional in-game content and an Xbox LIVE subscription trial card."

Not really worth it if you ask me depending on what the in-game content is.

Superfragilistic3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


You get all that you mentioned plus the three XBLA titles for free. So if you work it out the extra $20 includes the 800point XBLA titles (approx. $10) and an Xbox Gold Live for 1 month ($4.50).

That means that the DVD (probably all the documentaries on one disc - free as DLC), additional content (likely to cost $5-10 as DLC) and the collectible Hobbe figurine (priceless!) are costing you no more than $5.50!

Take into account the additional content being released as priced DLC and you may well be better off by about $5, with a DVD and collectible to boot!

Sounds like a GREAT deal to me. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.