Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Hercule, Vegito, New Custom Character Gameplay

New gameplay of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is here from the Game Party Japan event.

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tayz1412d ago

The champ is awesome!

Dhampir1412d ago

I much prefer Mr. Satan...

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GamesGamesGames1412d ago

Who keeps buying all these DBZ and Naruto games - seriously?

TWB1412d ago

New and super hardcore fans.

Im pretty sure that plenty of people bought the last DB game just to support the cause of getting new DB games despite not liking Battle of Z.

I havent bough DB games actively since PS2 days. Only picked a used copy of RB2 for PS3. Wasn't that great (but okay)

Though Im glad this one actually looks like a decent DB game (more effort in story mode than most other DB games and gameplay seems greatly improved from the last game. They have brought some speed back to the series which is a good chance since all main DB games were much slower ever since Burst Limit), might actually pick this one up.

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