5 Games You (Probably) Won’t See in 2015

Jordan says, "It’s a well-known fact: games get delayed. If you’ve paid any attention to the last few months in the gaming industry, you’re more than likely aware of the amount of delays that developers have issued. Evolve, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Battlefield Hardline are just some of the big-budget titles that never saw the light of 2014. Here we are in glorious 2015, our child-like innocence yet to be corrupted by the pain of games being delayed."

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All_Consoles1412d ago

Pointless article. Writer has about as much info on these games any anyone else

Heyxyz1412d ago

Man, I hate these "Games that probably won't come out next year" lists... Was 2014 so bad that this will become a new thing?

Summons751412d ago

Final Fantasy 15 will most likely come out this year with they way they've been talking and releasing information left and right, all the others are pretty obvious since we know very little about any of them.

NoctisPendragon1412d ago

+FF XV team grew bigger and they said that Tabata was only here to finish and polish FF XV, so we can hope for a 2015 release.

susanto12281411d ago

Howbout we make a list of games that won't come out in 2016 so we can add Sony's Guardian to the list

adonisisfree1411d ago

No guardians is actually on the 'never coming out list'

WizzroSupreme1411d ago

It'd be awesome if none of these predictions came true and we had an eve better year than we thought. Hopefully this is the one time where people's negativity wasn't right.

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