New ESO Armor: No More Orc Boob Windows

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Screenshots of the new ESO armor for Orcs and Redguard.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 6 is fast approaching, and subscribers are already getting a taste of the new changes on the Play Test Server (PST). One player by the name of Mettaricana recently posted screenshots of the new ESO armor for Orcs and Redguards on the official forums in this thread. I’ve re-posted Mettaricana’s pics below, and I have to say that I’m real excited about the new looks. Reading through the posts, it seems that other players are as well."

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Dhampir1415d ago

Boob window restoration DLC incoming!

psforward1415d ago

No orc boob windows, no buy.

This is actual news?

mixelon1415d ago

:O Political correctness gone mad!!!

Haha, boob windows are the dumbest thing to add to suit of armour in a realistish setting. Nice to hear they're absent. ES series is usually pretty good about this sort of thing.

Going to be great experimenting with ESO when it goes f2p.

Spotie1415d ago

It's a game full of magic and fantastical creatures, and you're talking about any level of realism?

mixelon1414d ago

Yes, yes I am. Not "real world" realism, recent ES in-world consistency.

Which I guess is why they ditched it.

spartanlemur1415d ago

I agree that boob windows are stupid for Orcs (which are supposed to be a very materialistic and practical species).

Though for more graceful variants of Mer, they are quite suitable (along with pristine armour).

Though sadly I feel there would be opposition even in the latter scenario. This is because much of the opposition to skimpy armour is voiced by feminists who think that male wishes should not be catered to because they feel that they are "stupid" or "objectify women" (which they do; all gender objectify others to some extent). Unfortunately, there's quite a lot of ignorance+intolerance among feminists. Not all are like that, but a lot are.

mixelon1414d ago

It's often women who like to play in the girly "unrealistic" armour.. I don't see anything wrong with those options existing really.

I really don't think it's mostly a feminism issue, just a it looking kinda silly in context with the kind of gritty fantasy setting issue.

Avernus1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

The whole argument about realism in fantasy RPG games is funny to me. I don't feel one way or the other towards seeing boobs and skimpy armor, but the argument against them are funny.

Like saying "I don't like to see my male guy's chest, shoulders, arms, and muscular legs because that's objectifying him".

But whatever. Seeing boobs in a fantasy setting is a big problem apparently, so who am I to say otherwise.

Edit: What I will say though, is that people should be given a choice. Give them skimpy armor sets, and give them "realistic" armor sets. Give people a choice and not pigeon hole them in one way or the other.

mixelon1414d ago

Agreed, note I didn't say anything about objectification or anything like that, just the silliness of a window leading to one of the parts of you that needs armour the most. At that point why bother with armour at all? XD

I definitely like the idea of options in an MMO..

Maxor1415d ago

F2P games are trash. This game is buy to play. Huge difference.

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Bigpappy1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

ES games have so much rich personality. May be it is because I have played them all since Morrowind, that everything feels so familiar and connected.

Anyway, I look forward to playing the non-subscription version on my X1, since I started playing the series on The Original Xbox.

TheCommentator1415d ago

Never made sense to have sexy armor like that since it left your heart exposed. Maybe it would qualify as disruptive camouflage?

Avernus1415d ago

Yes because fantasy RPG's are all about realism.

TheCommentator1415d ago

Elder Scrolls takes everything in the world seriously, the fantasy comes from mythological creatures. It is a simulation of a fantasy world because of its scope, unlike Final Fantasy for example where you can wield a six foot long one foot wide sword like a dagger. Just saying.

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