Life is Strange Episode One Review – A Storm is Coming | The Koalition

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"This first episode, “Chrysalis,” mostly deals with introducing us to Max and her world. She’s attending the prestigious Blackwell University where she is majoring in photography. Max is a bit of a geek so she doesn’t exactly fit in. She has to deal with things likes boys, catty girls, and trying to avoid asshole adults. She mysteriously gains the ability to rewind time after seeing a future where her hometown is destroyed by a monster tornado. This is obviously the big threat that she will have to be dealt with, but for this episode it’s really more about establishing Max and her relationships."

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rbailey1411d ago

i'm intrigued by this title and will definitely check it out at some point.

Fonzy1411d ago

This game looks pretty good! I will definitely check out as well. It seems like it has a great storyline and feel to it.