Destructoid Interview: Atlus on Persona 4

Destructoid writes: "You may have heard that the Persona 4 US release date was just announced this past weekend at Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei panel at Anime Expo. Coming December 9th, 2008, this PlayStation 2 title will sell for $39.99. Every single copy of Persona 4 is a special two-disc set. In addition to the game disc, you will receive a soundtrack CD featuring selected music from Persona 4."

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Homicide3692d ago

Cool info there. I like that you can take control of other members. It bothered me at times during P3, but most of the times, they did a pretty good job. I know I'm going to have hours of fun with this game. Going to school, building relationships and fighting shadows all in one day. I want that shirt, even if it is yellow!


Fade_Walker3692d ago

Perhaps I sould actually open and start playing Persona 3 FES.

Alexander Roy3692d ago

No word on an EU release? We don't even have P3FES... T_T

Prismo_Fillusion3692d ago

Why does my PS3 have no backwards compatibility. :(

RealityCheck3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I'm happy I kept my PS2. Even after the PS3 came out there were still some PS2 gems coming out. Now there will be a new Persona and later Yakuza is getting released in the US. I only get rid of consoles when it is no longer sold and support for it really drops off.

I agree though, if all PS3 had backward compatibility it would be ideal.

Luca Blight3692d ago

well, I guess they were wrong!

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