1UP: Soul Calibur 4 Character Spotlight: Mitsurugi

Growing up in the war-torn farming village of Bizen, Japan, Mitsurugi witnessed his parents' murder at the tender age of 14. Seeking revenge, he trained under a warlord's guidance, learning the strict code of the samurai and becoming a formidable swordsman. Throughout his life, he's constantly sought to find the world's most powerful weapons. Now, at the age of 29, Mitsurugi overhears rumor of a "hero's sword," one that would grant its wielder divine power. Enticed by the legend of this blade, he sets out to find it and live up to his reputation as the "rude samurai."

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Polluted3694d ago

Mitsurugi is the best character in the game. His defence is a bit weak, but there's really no reason to go on the defensive with him.

cellypower3694d ago

Yea, I pick Mitsurugi almost everytime I play.

3694d ago
bigrob1233694d ago

he is a great charecter my second favourite charecter to nightmare cant w8 to play this game