Is Evolve a Boring Game?

"There’s a thick cloud of controversy above Evolve’s head, full of whispers that the game is either boring or lacks substance. We’ve heard them, over and over, but are they really true? "

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TheLastColossus1384d ago

I'm so glad I will pass on this game.

FullmetalRoyale1384d ago

I think, if you had a group of friends playing together it would be a great time. I just don't find that to be a practical requirement for purchasing a game. I also think it wouldn't have legs, even if I had a dedicated group to play it with.

As it stands, my friend and I have been tearing through Dying Light coop, and having a blast.

Evolve is just not for me.

Spinal1384d ago

Playing Dying Light with a friend. It is just a FANTASTIC game.

breakpad1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

yes it is a bit ,...and considering the ridiculous DLC prices which accompany it(basically selling one game in many very expensive parts) ..they show no respect to the consumer and we see price cuts very soon

bmf73641384d ago

The game seems to be in grievously against the monster-players. Every video I see of this game, the hunters always win.

XanderZane1384d ago

I have it preordered, but I'll probably pass on it. I have no idea if my friends are even getting this game or not. I'd be better off saving my money for Bloodborne or just getting Dying Light at this point. If they release a Evolve Definitive Edition with all the DLC included, maybe I'll get it then. I still have tons of other games to play and finish as well, so I won't be bored waiting for more games to come out.

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Blaze9291384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I'd say yes and no. From the BIG Alpha to the Open Beta, the game feels the same everytime. After a few games I'm pretty bored.

If you and 3 other friends plan to play this game together, should be fun...

If you plan to play this with strangers, don't.

ScorpiusX1384d ago

I played the beta , was different and can become boring but I learned that switching out teams makes it real fun. JMO

Grave1384d ago

The beta was boring after 5 matches of the same exact thing. I am hopeful that this game will offer more than what I've seen. It's gone from a "day 1 buy" to "meh" pretty quickly for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.