Today I'm Annoyed About: Action-RPG Inventories

Alec Meer writes: "It scares me how suggestible I can be. I worry that one day I'll walk past a sign saying "heroin makes you big and strong!" and that'll be it. Most recently, I saw all the Diablo III stuff and duly thought "durrrr I wud like 2 play dat".

So I load up Diablo 1 (now almost unplayable in this day and age. While it was scarcely inventive as sequels go, the improvements Diablo II made to the formula can't be overstated). I play some Mythos. Most of all, I play Titan Quest. Amusingly, my Steam friends list revealed that several people I know have also been playing Titan Quest lately. My, what a coinkydink.

I'd slaughtered my way through a good seven or eight hours' worth of beastmen and harpies before I had one of those catch-yourself-in-the-mirror moments. What was I doing? Theoretically, I was killing an awful lot of monsters, big ol' hero that I was. Actually, I was obsessively picking up shiny things from the ground until a number of small squares on my inventory screen were full up, teleporting back to town to sell said shinies, then repeating the process. This was not, I realised, making me a better person. And lo, I became annoyed enough to make some sweeping generalisations."

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Bill Gates3693d ago

Today I'm annoyed with the BABOONS, as I am ALWAYS....AAHHAHHAHHAHHAHA

mr_potato3693d ago

Wow what a pathetic article i can't believe that is his critic of the game.

Well i guess im tired of ammunition in fps cause o god they should alwais supply me with the best weapon cause i am here to save the world.

CadDad3692d ago

Where you can pick stuff up and one click salvage it to raw materials that can be sold back. I want just a few basic material types though, that the merchants will buy. Stackable types as well. Like robes salvage to cloth and thread, swords salvage to metal, etc.

I don't want 200 different metal types though, since that defeats the purpose of needing space to keep going.