Why Does The Order:1886 Have So Much Pre-Launch Hate

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking why the pending Sony exclusive has so much pre-launch hate about it from the online community.

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DarkOcelet1417d ago

Because it looks so damn good. Nuff said.

Garethvk1417d ago

I have wondered how many people bashing the game are PS4 owners or actually like Sony and their products.

nX1417d ago

Don't wonder, just ignore them. These people are getting paid for stating controversive opinions, just make up your own mind and decide whether you are interested in the game or not. I feel like I can enjoy a game the most when I haven't read any previews or reviews about it... I know exactly what I personally enjoy so I couldn't care less what others think about it.

freshslicepizza1417d ago

so by saying the a.i. looks rather bland, the game is very linear and the gameplay looks to be broken up too much by cut-scenes is hating the game?

since when do we live in an era where you cannot criticize a game without the backlash of a very loyal community who have yet to play it? most of the negative feedback is from those who played the demo yet we have this support group out there who feel like they need to attack every person who has a negative comment about the game. all anyone can agree on at this point is the visuals look fantastic, that's it.

the game could have a great story, wonderful atmosphere and compelling gunfights but it also could be boring, very repetitive, and a game that doesn't really allow the player to do much aside from go from point a to point b with constant interruptions with various qte and cutscenes.

i really don't get why the community feels like they have to defend a game they had no part in the creation process. your job is only a consumer and as a consumer you should be be open minded to all criticisms and positive feedback. not picking and choosing because you so desperately want the game to sell well because you feel obliged to support your console.

Ballsack1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Because bashing ps4 garners hits

If this was gears 4 it would be praised as they have the same mechanics..really strange.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Sometimes, the reasons why people hate certain things without even trying them is as simple as this;

Some people simply hate what they can't or don't have.

Or this;

Some people actually do want to see the world burn.

Yi-Long1417d ago

I'm not going to speak for anyone but myself, but personally I'm just not into linear cover-shooters, and I'm also not attracted to the visual style of this game (dark, grey/brown, an era/setting that doesn't really interest me).

I also never really cared about Gears of War.

I just find cover-shooters a bit boring and predictable, and I just enjoy games that are 'light' and 'fun' more.

Rime for instance looks far more appealing to me. Completely different game of course, but I just love the art-style.

I want lots of gorgeous colours and locations in my games, instead of bleak dark grey/blue/brown corriders with zombies and monsters and whatever.

I certainly don't 'hate' on The Order: I'm sure it will find an audience. I'm just not part of that audience.

TrollityTroll1417d ago

Question ... if you're not into linear cover-shooters and the art style why, exactly, do you choose to open threads and comment in them when they relate to a game you clearly have no interest in?
Just interested in what you beleive you can add to the discussion of a game you clearly have no interest in and why you'd waste your time with those threads in the first place?
Clearly you have the right to post wherever you want but I just can't understand why someone will choose to read articles and post comments on a game where they've already admitted they're not part of the target audience

BattleAxe1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

It doesn't get hate, but it does get some criticism for some things. I think the question should be why PS4 owners get their backs up so much when a game on that console receives some criticism, and not just triple A games, but even small indie games. This generation is by far the worst for fanboyism, particularly from the PS4 camp.

Yi-Long1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@Troll: Because the article is about the supposed 'hate' the game receives, so that relates to my own feelings about the game, which certainly isn't 'hate', but more a lack of interest, due to the reasons I already mentioned.

If the article was about a character, or a level, or a weapon, or whatever else in the game, I probably wouldn't have bothered clicking it, and replying to it.

Why is it important to you what I reply to or not...!? Isn't the whole idea of a comment-section on sites like these to hear different opinions!? Or would you prefer that only drooling fanboys respond to certain articles?

Jaqen_Hghar1417d ago

they're feeling insecure because they don't want to admit Sony has any good exclusives so they can maintain that "PS4 haez no gaemz and only sells on hype!" objectively disproves this but they will ignore that. Also they will ignore that people have swung Playstation for a reason this gen and it's because A)they didn't try to screw everyone over on used games and always online and B)they do provide a bevy of exclusive titles that people want as well as offering the machine that plays all the 3rd parties better for just $50 more than the competition.

TrollityTroll1417d ago

It's not important to me what you choose reply to or not. And as I stated in my post, you have the right to post on whichever articles you see fit.
I was just curious as to why someone would choose to enter threads about games they already know don't appeal to them. There was no hidden intent in my post, it was purely out of interest so thank you for your (civil) response.

uth111417d ago

I think it's fair to say that for most people, you are really interested in a game, or you don't really care much about it. That is you don't actively "hate" the games that you don't want to play, you just kinda ignore them?

So when a game gets hated on, there's something else going on. There's some reason it's existance must anger you, and gets under your skin.

There's also a human tendency that when people hate something, they will latch onto any criticism even if contradictory or hypocritical. We've seen lots of that with the Order. It's getting slammed for doing things a lot of other games do, yet the other games get a pass.

I'm sure it's because it's exclusive. The people who can't play it lash out because they are either sick of hearing about it, or afraid it will draw people away from their platform.

What I don't understand though is why Bloodborne and TLOU don't get this level of hate? Maybe the media hasn't found much to criticize? Seems like once they do, everybody piles on with that criticism.

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lipton1011417d ago

It does look good. They say "don't judge a book by its cover," I "don't judge a game by its haters." People comment all day long about this mechanic and that problem, yet at the end of the day, they're too damn immature to understand the hard work that goes into a game. Video games are the culmination of all of humanity's artforms. They take millions of man hours to make and millions of dollars to produce. Instead of bashing based on what they "heard" or what they "saw" in crap low quality YouTube videos, they should wait for it to come out and pay their respects to the hard working men and women who made it by actually playing the finished product and coming to their own conclusions.

lemoncake1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Graphically it looks great but the linear gameplay and its leaning towards QTE and dodgy AI is whats caused the pre launch hate/concern, it started with the early footage and continued into the hands on gameplay they showed. If your game has QTEs the media has not been kind to you this gen, ryse for example got slaughtered for it even though its actually a decent game.

I guess we dont have long now before we can find out firsthand if those concerns were justified or not.

@T2X Aye, what i wrote is just what the journalists have said as their concerns. Same as you I dont mind QTEs, I loved ryse but the journalist seem to have their torches out for that style of gameplay. We will all know soon though as not long until release.

T2X1417d ago

Hey, people like what they like right? As far as I'm concerned, I have never played a game (ANd I have hundreds and have had just about every system launched since the inception of games, yeah, I'm old!) QTE have never made me hate a game as long as they are good quality and I'm enjoying the story.

UnHoly_One1417d ago

Ryse got torn to shreds before launch for having QTE executions, but a good portion of what they have shown of this game is interactive QTE cutscenes.

I don't know how the game is going to play out, and very likely I'll play it at some point, but I totally understand why people are skeptical.

It hasn't shown me anything that makes me want to buy it. But it hasn't shown me a reason to "hate" it either.

I'm waiting to hear more about it after people get their hands on the full game after launch. Until then, I'll withhold judgement.

TrollityTroll1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I played the game for a good 30 mins at the lock-ins last night.
During all that time the only "QTE" I encountered during gameplay (not cutscenes) was press triangle to melee ... which I've experienced in almost every other tps out there.
Then there was 1 button press in each of the 2 cutscenes and a minigame to open a door.

So tell me, please, where is this "leaning towards QTE" you speak of? From actually playing it there was nothing out of the ordinary that EVERY other shooting game has yet goes unnoticed.

And as for dodgy AI, yes every now and then someone does something stupid. Like in every other game. But for the most part they go for cover, move from cover to cover as you move to try get an open shot, try flank you, throw grenades to flush you out and blind fire if you have them pinned. And that was on the demo settings (which are usually easy).

Funny thing is I see a lot of posts complaining about QTE's and dodgy AI but I have to wonder how many of the people making those claims have played any of the game at all. Because, having played it myself, all I can do is rrad those posts and laugh at the ignorance of the people posting.

Note I'm not referring to you specifically (in context of your response to T2X), just the people who have never even seen the game first-hand but post on here in their droves.

lemoncake1417d ago

@Trollity Sounds like you have been lucky to get your hands on some play time, rest of us can only draw upon what journalist have said and quite a few have mentioned those as being their concerns with the game.

Next month it will all be laid out plain for everyone to see and we will know if the journalist were right to call this game out on these issues or if the sony faithful were right all along and this is the next uncharted. So all we can do is wait until then.

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Jaqen_Hghar1417d ago

Here's the basic Xbox fanboy strategy this gen that a man has noticed.

1. See trailer for PS4 exclusive
2. Say that the game looks bland or unoriginal
3. Nit-pick every piece of gameplay or trailer that comes out and say it looks worse than the last gameplay or trailer you saw
4. Say the game will suck leading up to release
5. Say it's overhyped (somehow even though they get trashed on for so long)
6. When reviews come always say that you expected a better score and then say it under delivered based on that made up expectation.

It's getting old and it's painfully obvious at this point. Happened with Infamous, LBP3, Driveclub, Killzone, and is now happening with the Order.

The worst a man has seen is when they try to compare this to Ryse just because they both look good graphically.

rainslacker1417d ago

I don't know if reviews reflect the early hate as much as some people say. Sony exclusives still tend to rate pretty high overall. I think the hate is simple hit-mongering and trying to downplay how well Sony is actually doing this gen.

Unfortunately, all this early hate makes it much easier to dismiss the lower reviews as biased and hit pieces, and of course some people will ignore the majority of reviews that are high in favor of the ones that support their agenda.

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nX1417d ago

Because some of these 'journalists' have way too long sticks up their rear sides that make them complain about game mechanics that somehow didn't annoy them in similar games.

DarkOcelet1417d ago

If this was multiplatform, it wouldnt have get half the hate its getting. If this was called Gears of War 4 people would be praising it to the sky. The haters are just annoyed that a PSP developers could achieve such beauty.

starchild1417d ago

That simply isn't true. I'm personally looking forward to getting this game next month. It looks like a game I will enjoy and I'm not worried what other people think too much. However, some of you are being ultra defensive and saying things that just aren't true.

Multiplatform games often are brutally hated on before they ever come out. There was so much hate towards Watch Dogs even before it released and it carried over after release. It's actually a pretty good game, but all the hipster gamers make it sound like it is a horrible, crappy game.

And even though I don't own an Xbox One I can clearly see that games on that platform also get plenty of hate. You guys are just fans of a particular platform so your viewpoint is all skewed.

DarkOcelet1417d ago


Everyone hated Watch Dogs because Ubisoft lied and downgraded the hell out of the game but here it is being hated because it is an exclusive and a good looking one.

starchild1417d ago

No, it wasn't downgraded that much. That's more exaggeration. It still looks quite amazing. Besides, we knew how it was going to look for over a year and a half, what does it matter if it doesn't look quite as good as the very first gameplay demo? That's what they were targeting and it didn't quite work out, but it still looks great and is a great game, so, no, the hate wasn't justified.

See, you're just making excuses for why you and people like you hate on certain multiplatform games, but then you act all defensive if anybody is negative about exclusives on your favorite platform. Why is it ok to hate on a game for a minor graphical downgrade, but it's not ok for people to have negative impressions about the gameplay or other aspects of PS4 exclusives?

freshslicepizza1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@Bloodbornyou also just said this above,

"I know exactly what I personally enjoy so I couldn't care less what others think about it."

the fact is you do care. you acre enough to continue making comments about it to balance things out. your thinking is the more hate it gets the more you feel obliged to tell everyone to ignore it. your history also shows you're very biased. meaning if all reviewers were like you you would be scoring ps4 exclusives higher than average and xbox one exclusives lower than average. meaning your opinion only serves to others who share the same bias as you.

if this game scores well great, if it doesn't oh well. you see it does not matter to me one way or another. it's not my job to sell a game that i dont get compensated for. my concern is the ps4 having great games to make it a more compelling system, that's it. so why do people like you feel the need to take things a step further as though you do get compensated for trying to convince people to ignore the criticisms or to downplay the competition. i don't get it. to me it sounds irrational.

on the flip side if this game doesn't get good reviews and you still like it all the more power to you. but i would hope that the enjoyment is based purely on the game, not it being exclusive and not it being because you want the ps4 to do well.


that may be true but what also may be true are sony fans promoting this game because it is exclusive. it works both ways. that is why review sites are likely to be less biased. then read the comments about the reviews. fanboys will argue the scores are low and trolls will argue how the scores are too high. fanboys will get upset if it scores low or average and say they are picking on poor old sony and trolls will laugh if the scores are low or average. it's the nature of the beast with all the trolls and fanboys who plague the forums.

OB1Biker1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I think its fair enough for everyone who has some interest in the game to comment either good or bad. You cant really criticize people who are hyped about this game to say so and its also fair that people who find fault with the game but are still interested or unsure are commenting in any way they wish.

But its true that the game seems to be fair game for people who have no interest in it and just want to have a shot at it and for articles that just want clicks to find fault with the 'predictable' story for example as one of the silly articles I remember.

Theres nothing wrong in saying it if people wish and I dont care about scores or about promoting a game or a console.

N4GDgAPc1417d ago

What I think is funny about the complaints they have can be the same exact complaints towards Uncharted. Linear game, check. Some QTE's, check. Cinematic story, check. Sounds like to me it plays a lot like Uncharted. So I don't understand why everyone will love Uncharted and not like this game. The mechanics are identical.

OB1Biker1417d ago

Not only Uncharted but many other games including exclusives on other consoles

Bigpappy1417d ago

Because a lot in the media, who played the prebuild, did like the restricted feel of gameplay. They did the same thing with Ryse, and that was my most enjoyable game this Gen, along with PvZ.

DarkOcelet1417d ago

Whats wrong with linear games? They were very enjoyable last gen with some of the best games last gen being linear. As long as this have an awesome story which it looks like it does combined with its beautiful setting then its a must own in my book.

snookiegamer1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Not Specifically The Order 1886, but...

As far as 'Hate' goes, it's in the nature of (some) people to project negative energy onto something or another. At least wait until it has been released and universally praised, or panned by the critics ...who may, or may not know a good/bad game if it doesn't come with a corporate pay check....

They can screw their Reviews with a Pitchfork ;/

Ciporta19801417d ago

For the same reason As all the other ps4 exclusives, because it's a ps4 exclusive, end of story.

marlinfan101417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Lol I love these conspiracies. What exclusives so far have been underscored for playstation? Infamous scored in the low 80s which is spot on. DC was in the low 70s which is spot on for how it launched. Kill zone was mid 70s which is spot on compared to other shooters and past kz games. It's not like ps games are scoring in the 50s, most of them get very fair scores for what they've been.

People say stuff like what you said, then they'll go to another article and say "playstation exclusives have a higher metacritic than xbox exclusives" with games like flower that scored in the 90s. well which is it then? You guys can't have it both ways.

bloodybutcher1417d ago

Yeah, kz sf was a big letdown from the previous games.Still played it, still have it, but it was just so...average. Infamous was better, but also not as good as 2 previous ones-my opinion, obviously. But, to be honest, i suspect that my favs will be multiplats, just as it was last gen. Gta, ac2, fc3, my best game choice of ps3 rdr. Now i am most pumped for the witcher.
Sometimes i get the feeling that people consider any score below 90 a flop. And then you have your conspiracy theories when any exclusive game is not being praised as a second coming. The order i.e does not get my motor running. And it shouldn't matter what reviews it gets, if you're gonna play it anyway.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1417d ago

How many Xbox One exclusives have gotten as much hate and negative press PRE-LAUNCH like Driveclub and The Order has?

Name one...

As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any Xbox One games receiving negative stories here on n4g like Driveclub and The Order have. Even Halo MCC was given high review scores even though it was just as broken as Driveclub. When you tell a story, TELL IT ALL, not just the portion that supports your point of view.

marlinfan101417d ago

Maybe you don't realize it because you're too busy feeding into them yourself but there's been plenty of hate articles pre launch with xbox exclusives. Ryse was probably the worst of any game this gen in regards to that. It had a unbelievable amount of hate before launch for exact reasons the order is getting hate. (Linear, qte fest, etc).

Here's some for titanfall which while it had a lot of hype, also had a ton of hate leading up to and post launch. Funny that one of the biggest complaints from people was that it was MP only, but then if anyone says something about the order being SP only, they immediately get disliked like crazy and responded to telling them why it's okay to be only single player. Double standards are all over this site. You may only see one side of it because you only care about one side.

Jaqen_Hghar1417d ago

it's not that they've been underrated by objective people as shows but Xbox fans continue to claim Xbox has a stronger lineup and state it as if there's no debate. If they would simply word things like "I like Xbox's lineup more" then that would be fine but instead they come in and say "another overhyped Sony exclusive PS4 hez no gaemz and only sells on hype!"

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