Developer: "I'm Not A Big Fan of 60 FPS", Character Performances Can Start To Feel Too 'Swimmy'

The current generation has been subject to much debate and controversy regarding frame rates and resolution. Both current generation consoles although capable enough, have struggled to deliver 1080p and locked 60 frames per second.

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CloudRap1416d ago

60 fps is a bigger advancement for this gen than 1080p is imo

OB1Biker1416d ago

lol just reading the title quote I knew straightaway it was gamingbot XD

Stop supporting this trolling site guys

DrRobotnik1416d ago

But what if the game is 60fps and and looks and plays like crap?

tlougotg1416d ago

Advancement? You do know that any dev can make a game 60fps at the cost of graphical fidelity and effects. 60fps isn't a hard thing to do we've had games on console 60fps for years. Advancement in consoles is having both high rez, evolved graphical fidelity and higher fps. Getting a game at 60fps tht has un taxing graphics on hardware isn't an issue which is why on the weak Wiiu u have gd amount of games at 60fpd like racers and fighters because those games cartoon graphics aren't pushing its weak hardware. Racers and fighters in general are 60fps as they are less dynamic, closed games that take less resources, driveclub is an exception as its graphics are just godly and true next gen so they had to keep it at smooth 30fps

Femto1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

enjoy the "cinematic" feel then

Jaqen_Hghar1416d ago

It takes about 30 seconds to get used to 30fps or 60fps. Neither feels bad though a man does prefer 30 with improved visuals for most types of games. Fighting and some racing games benefit from 60fps more than TPS action games like the Order

Grap1416d ago

Nope we prefer 60fps on all our games.

shloobmm31416d ago

I would rather have higher graphical fidelity and 30 fps then 60 fps with less fidelity

DrRobotnik1416d ago

Nope just you. If I want 60fps, I can just go play Crazy taxi on Dreamcast to get my fix.

starchild1416d ago


30fps is sufficient for an enjoyable game experience, but 60fps is much better. I prefer to have both good graphics and 60fps+ as much as possible.

Playing games on my 144Hz monitor is even better. I love the extreme smoothness and clarity you get with high framerates.

XabiDaChosenOne1415d ago

I agree, 60fps is not end all be all for all games. Obviously games that require speed and knee jerk reaction benefits greatly from 60fps but games that are slower paced and more "epic" works just fine with 30fps

Jaqen_Hghar1415d ago

A man would rather those epic games look better too. If the Order were 60fps it would have nowhere near the realism it does and thus be less immersive. That's the kinda game where a man wants to get lost in the world. Films work at 24fps and no one calls them a slideshow. Games look fine at 30fps now framerate drops are a different story but as long as it stays a consistent 30 there's nothing to really complain about. Look at N64 classics like Ocarina of Time it doesn't even reach 30fps many times and yet it's still pretty great lol

Wonderful1011416d ago

Lazy developer making excuses.

starchild1416d ago

I don't think it's laziness, it's more that they aren't being honest about the real reasons why they have to target 30fps on their console games. They come up with all of these silly excuses instead of just being upfront about the trade-offs they have to make.

I don't care what kind of game it is, I have never played a game that didn't look and feel better at 60fps over 30fps.

Jaqen_Hghar1415d ago

or maybe they're prioritizing graphical fidelity and effects over 60fps. If they can lock at 30 and have a more immersive world a man is all for it. 60 is great for competitive games and racing and fighting but there are even exceptions there.

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