1UP: Soul Calibur 4 Character Spotlight: Siegfried

Who is Siegfried?: This flaxen-haired German knight remains the primary Soul Calibur protagonist, and he's still desperately trying to fix the problems he caused by brandishing the accursed Soul Edge sword many years ago. The dark power imbued in that blade transformed Siegfried into a hideous monster known as Nightmare, but the power of the holy sword Soul Calibur was able to separate them into distinct beings. Now, the heroic knight is tasked with sealing both swords away for all eternity...but the newly independent Nightmare has other plans. Siegfried's quest in Soul Calibur 4 begins with the mysterious resurrection of his long-dead father, Frederick. But is this merely a trick concocted by his dark doppelganger in order to lure our hero out of hiding?

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