Save £10 and get The Order: 1886 for £37.80

Dealspwn writes: The Order: 1886 has had a lot of mixed press in recent times, especially from yours truly. But this deal is hard to ignore at this price. Using the discount code, you can get The Order: 1886 for just £37.40. Sounds a bit pricey? Well considering the next best price is £47.95, this is the best pre-order price by miles.

Frankly, the higher end pre-order prices on this one are ridiculous as they're far exceeding the prices we've seen ahead of launch for the likes of Destiny, GTA V, COD: AW or future AAA releases like Arkham Knight or The Witcher III. But at least this code brings the price back down to earth and there's no online component to ruin the launch like DriveClub. Not that DC's troubles didn't lead to some tasty discounts. We don't know how The Order is going to turn out, but maybe take a look at my feature on the game entitled 'Another ‘next-gen’ letdown or a victim of poorly chosen demos?' before slapping down any cash.

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