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Oh, Dying Light, how I love you. I love the way you let me leap across rooftops and climb tall towers like an acrobat with endless supplies of energy. I love how I can dropkick a zombie and watch its flailing body knock over others like a fleshy bowling ball. I love looking over my shoulder as I run through the darkness, only to see a crowd of undead sprinting towards me, growling hideously and baring their ghastly teeth.

But oh, Dying Light, how you irritate me. I hate you for the gunners that ambushed me as I swam underwater, because there was no way to know how to react until I emerged and discovered that I wasn't meant to peek my head out--not yet. I hate you for that time you filled the screen with so much haze and bloom during a boss fight that I couldn't see properly. I hate that sequence when you made me leap from one pole to another, because you made it hard to get a good look at my surroundings, and your button prompts are hardly generous. And I hate these mo...

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Link2DaFutcha1413d ago

Seems like the major criticisms here are that the game is sometimes difficult and doesn't spoon feed you. Granted I haven't finished, but I've played through some of the parts this reviewer doesn't like, and had a blast with them. But maybe that's just me.

nucky641413d ago

I couldn't agree more. my gripes with this game are minor and doesn't change the fact I'm having a huge amount of fun!

Gamer19821413d ago

Major reviewers are giving it an average of 7/10 which is about right for this game if I had to give it a score. I still think weapons like machetes etc.. breaking is just stupid and the fact this game isn't really unique (I feel like I'm playing dead island with parkour). It has the same faults as Dead Island and yet takes out things like driving which makes no sense as there's tons of vehicles everywhere.. Don't get me wrong the Parkour is a cool feature but I don't feel it really adds to a game like this. Also you cant make your own custom weapons like pretty much every other zombie survival sucks.. You can modify weapons but the modifications seem minor. Not to mention those weapons still break meaning you lose those upgrades..

vallencer1413d ago

So your gripes with the game are basically everything about the core experience of the game? You can't drive cars because it defeats the purpose of the game. Parkour is the point. And blades do break if they aren't taken care of in real life. They aren't meant to constantly cut and chop through bones. They would get dull and break. Once you level up your skills your weapons don't degrade as fast and sometimes you get free repairs. I'm not saying it doesn't deserve a 7 but I feel it deserves more however that's irrelevant. My point is your gripes aren't so minor when you think about what the core of the game is.

4Sh0w1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

vallancer Im not sure driving would defeat the whole parkour system, especially if by design the rewards for parkouring around for loot is much more advantages to the player than driving, which leaves driving as just a option...that said I try not to b*tch about devs choices unless they make NO sense at all.

Also I understand your point about "real life" but its a videogame, a "zombie" game at that and I believe what Gamer1982 is saying is that the weapon breaking so easily detracts from the fun factor. I think many of the reviews dislike that decision by the devs, it may not bother some but typically in zombie games weapon variety and the ability to to cause mass mayhem with your favorite upgrade weapon is always a key part of the experience. In videogames there is always a careful line not to tread regarding realism= some games require very realistic approach to combat and mechanics, some of course work well by breaking all the rules, some of course work well while having a healthy balance, it just depends on the game. In this case it seems that balance isn't. weighed properly in favor of the combat fun least not for some reviewers and folks like Gamer1982 so I don't think dismissing his opinions with comparisons to real life will change those who feel that way impression of Dying Light.

Im not here to say it desreves a 7, less than a 7, or more, just that I can see why this game can be really good or just OK depending on how you view what could be minor or to some very destracting flaws.

Ashunderfire861413d ago

Parkour is your alternative to vehicles, why would you need vehicles anyway? I don't rely on reviews from bias critics like this anymore, when you have twitch/Ustream for gamers to make their own mind up. I already made my own mind up when I saw an early preview build of the game live on Twitch, and I enjoyed it. Yea
Evolve and The Order 1886 maybe more popular, but its going to be hard for both games to top the fun factor, 50 hour campaign length(including everything), and the 4 player coop of the entire campaign of this game!