Rock Band 2 wireless instruments listed on Amazon

Online mega retailer has listed a standalone wireless drum set and wireless guitar for Rock Band 2 on Xbox 360 for $90 and $70, respectively. Of course, the bundled Xbox 360 guitar with the original Rock Band was tethered to the console and the drums were wired on all platforms, so Joystiq is hopeful this means the instruments included in Rock Band 2's big bundle will all be wireless. A Harmonix representative informs Joystiq that no prices, shipping dates, colors, astrological signs, or further details concerning Rock Band 2 will be released until next week's E3.

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RevN8r3729d ago

It seems kind of odd that it's already available, but at the same time it's cool. I was kinda hoping they would've had a picture of the drum set (I want to see if there's anything new), but I bet we won't see anything more until next week at E3.

RevN8r3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

That "I-won't-visit-there-agai n" site has a story up with a few interesting tidbits about the new instruments: