PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: Amazing Gameplay Video Shows Great Visuals, New Weapon, Traps & Much More

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a nice chunk of gameplay of Bloodborne at Taipei Game Show and finally you can see the full eight minutes of stage demo.

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aCasualGamer1384d ago

Can you play online coop as shown in the video with people from your friendlist or local coop splitscreen?

DialgaMarine1384d ago

I doubt there's gonna be splitscreen, because it would detract from the experience too much. I'm pretty sure they already confirmed that there is drop in drop out co-op that is accessible by friends list friends.

inveni01384d ago

I don't quite get the appeal of this game. I usually jump onboard most PS4 exclusives, but this one's hype has me stumped. I just don't really get what it is, I guess. All I've seen are a couple people having trouble attacking a giant enemy that moves awkwardly. There has been a little bit of other stuff, but nothing interesting by any means.

So, am I missing something? Is there some kind of cool customization or weapon building or quest progression or something? Is it free?

Someone fill me in so I'm not ignorant, please.

DigitalRaptor1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

@ inveni0

Bloodborne is a 'Souls' game in essence so if you've played either Demon's Souls, Dark Souls I & II, then you'll know what to expect. But the game does have a more gothic vibe and atmosphere that invokes feelings of dread, in my opinion. Lots of us are really digging the art direction too. It's positively glorious.

In this game, there are no shields and gameplay has you using more offensive tactics to progress, unlike the previous games I mentioned. It will have you killing creatures to fill your blood meter. Encounters are intense. There will be customisation, and there will be stat progression like is expected.

It will provide countless hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay, discovery of new areas, just like the previous Souls games. You will die a lot, and if you don't enjoy overcoming that, then you probably won't enjoy it.

If you're unsure, just look for more gameplay, read developer interviews, look on Reddit threads and NeoGaf, because the info is out there in abundance.

miyamoto1384d ago

Only those who experienced the suspense and intensity of Souls games can feel how tense every single battle in this game will be. as you can die any moment if you are not on your toes and focused on the enemies and surroundings. Right from the beginning the game creates an atmosphere of dread.

CaptainObvious8781384d ago

And yet we love it so, intently. Is there something wrong with us? Or have we just been starved for so long for a game that will actually challenge us, skill wise?

pelida1384d ago

I'm trying to convince a friend & Xbox owner to finally get a PS4: Bloodborne! I say, I hope this to be as good as the ur Dark Souls

lwonsley1384d ago

Bloodborne might be a good game but I notice that player is only fighting one enemy at a time. Maybe that will change.

Benjammin251384d ago

Yeah because that short video is representative of the entire game.

KuroKazuma1384d ago

maybe u r the only one who didnt see that the player fights with more than 1 enemy

DigitalRaptor1383d ago

Unsure about that?

Just look at 1:10 of that video. I count at least 7 enemies there of varying sizes. This game is going to be HARD!

SpinalRemains1381384d ago

Looks pretty fantastic.

This game is going to rule, to be sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.