VGU Talks: Bro Team Pill vs Angry Joe

Bringing up the discussion on Fair Use once again, Angry Joe on YouTube has had a video of his taken down by none other than Pro Team Pill. These gaming channels have never been at each others throats before, but apparently one image in one video has changed everything. Who is in the right?

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hazelamy1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

his logo?
his totally unique logo?



and besides that, his beef is that he doesn't want to be associated with gamergate or he doesn't want to be seen as a gg supporter.

but he is, i've seen what he posts on his twitter.

found another one

XboxOneX1410d ago

I am very upset right now with all the bad press going on connected with GAMERGATE. We all knew this would happen when women are in a male dominated society and are playing video games. It is very sad that people people do this to women who enjoy playing video games.

SilentNegotiator1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


Less than half of the logo used to express a belief about their beliefs (which would be fair use)? Seriously?

And why is Jontron listed under GamerGate? My understanding is that he made some comments that made some psychotic, hateful, conclusion-jumping anti-GGers mad and then went on to say that it was never his intention to get caught up into anything. He just had the "audacity" to have an opinion. Doesn't Jontron know that it's a thought crime to disagree with modern McCarthyists...I mean, upstanding individuals for the advancement of social "justice"?

1410d ago
Malice-Flare1410d ago

ugh, #GamerGate. it has become toxic...

qwerty6761410d ago

bro team pill got what they wanted

free publicity.

no one had any idea who the hell they were, now look, people flock to drama like this.

CanadianTurtle1409d ago

I never understood how this is a good thing for them. This publicity stunt will only bring more haters to their channel

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