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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation is the most absurdly-monikered game I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. A portable remake-of-sorts of 2012’s PS3 release, Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2, Sisters Generation takes place in a blue-skied future populated by robot girls, talking mice and wilful misuse of acronyms. The game vomits sound and colour at you in such quantity that simply navigating the menus alone feels like being force-fed smarties whilst being pepper sprayed. The world is named “Gamindustri” and things just get worse from there.

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slinky1234561415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

The game is no where near this bad. Complaining about the menu? Seriuously? The menu is easy to navigate, last thing to complain about. Just a click-bait article.

IrisHeart1414d ago

I completely agree. I have no idea what is the point in reviewing something the reviewer has no love for.

DualWielding1414d ago

why do people insist on hating on Neptunia for no reason

slinky1234561414d ago

Idk why exactly. For some it's the representation it has of being the prime example of what anti-anime fans or the old school anime fans dislike about the modern age of anime like titles.

This review score makes no sense though. A 3 is a broken game, not a full working title with much to do and play with. It really is just hate upon the title that gets it this score.