Square Enix's New PS4 Exclusive Revealed: "Project CODE Z" is Minna de Spelunker Z

As promised earlier this week, Square Enix announced its new PS4 exclusive game during a livestream from the Tokaigi: Japan Game Party at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

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WESKER20151411d ago

Errrrrr no. get a clue son, just because your hopes were chattered doesn't mean mine are.

nX1411d ago

Both suck these days, doesn't matter who sucks harder. Good for us that there are many other developers out there to support.

BABY-JEDI1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Toilet Paper>>>Ubisoft >>. Square Enix

pedrami911411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


I kept warning you all !

And why didn't i follow my own goddamn advice !?


the_dark_one1411d ago

Ok..... i did not see this one comming.
.i Have to admit that SE are becoming like very big a**holes and they are constantly trolling ps user, ya its a new game announcement but there was no need to tease something like this