8 Games of 2015 That Will Delay to Next Year

MultiInformer: Gaming lovers are much exited for games that will release in 2015 these 8 games are not gonna release in 2015. All the gaming lovers have to wait for 1 year more to play these games. Here’s a list below.

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Stupid1411d ago

Oh no, most awesome games delaying to 2016, nah..

JoeReno1411d ago

these are confirmed delays or some site speculation?

Anthotis1410d ago

No Man's Sky delay would be heartbreaking.

Toolster1410d ago

Total click bait, no solid source just pure speculation

1410d ago
KarmaV121411d ago

If The Division gets pushed back another year I will flip. I need it in my life.

freshslicepizza1411d ago

might not get pushed back that long but ubisoft really needs a strong launch so they should be doing everything they can to make sure this game runs well out of the gate.

i don't see zelda getting delayed until 2016. nintendo needs to get the wii u momentum going.

i can see star wars battlefront getting delayed to early next year which might not be bad since the star wars movie will still be fresh.

UKmilitia1411d ago

me too,the amount of times i have wathed that very first video is unreal.
i havent let any more hype build up but i want it more than uncharted 4 and anything else in 2015.

i just hope it is filled with more content that destiny.

PlayableGamez1410d ago

Why? Have you not seen Ubisofts past records with next gen titles?

Fil1011411d ago

I really can't wait another year for rainbow 6

theFAYEsorceress1410d ago

if it's delayed to add terrorist hunt mode, i can wait.

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buttersgirl1411d ago

Battlefront will not get delayed anyone that thinks that is stupid....Disney/EA want that game to come out at the same time as the film they will either work their ass off to push it out or launch a buggy mess....
But will not get delayed....

ArchangelMike1411d ago

I'm betting on option 'B'... "launch a buggy mess."

_-EDMIX-_1410d ago

.....they delayed Battlefield Hardline.

Sorry bud, but a delay is very much a realistic possibility and no...its not "stupid" as history has shown they have no problem delaying a game.

thricetold1410d ago

Does battlefield hardline have a movie coming out? No, it doesn't. Bet your lack of foresight that EA will do any and everything to get that game out, including releasing a buggy ass mess that needs a gazillion patches.

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The story is too old to be commented.