PLAYSTATION®Network Downtime - Wednesday 09 July, 05:00 - 11:00 BST

Please be aware that there is planned PLAYSTATION®Network maintenance on:

Wednesday 07:00 - 13:00 BST.

During the maintenance, some users might be unable to sign in to PSN, whilst others who have previously signed in (before the maintenance has started) might suffer disconnections.

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Again? Damn.

As long as it is necessary though, i won't be bothered. Perhaps 2.41 will be put up?

chaosatom3513d ago

it's is kinda of slow and I keep getting sign out for no reason at all.

note: i have 2.36.

buckethead_X3513d ago

I don't think they would do this if it wasn't necessary. Also, you have the best avatar i've seen! :D

boodybandit3513d ago

I don't think any update from Sony will fix you getting bumped from PSN because I use to have that same problem. I tried opening the ports and assigning the port to Nat2 but nothing worked. Someone told me to pick up a new router so I switched over to a D-Link gaming router the problem solved itself.

You could always pick up a router at a retail store with a liberal return policy to see if it helps.

XBOX 3603513d ago

I guess there will be an influx of players on MGO during these times?

Guess Konami ID's finally come in handy ;/

spec_ops_comm3513d ago

I would also say that the downtime is for 2.41 testing..

There's no way Sony can have another 2.40 fiasco. They'll be testing it in every way possible before releasing to the public I can assure you.

Polluted3513d ago

I had disconnect issues to so I put my PS3 in the DMZ. It solved the problem and it's not hard to do on most routers.

fenderputty3513d ago

regardless of Konami's ID's, don't you still have to connect to the PSN to play MGO?

PirateThom3513d ago

Although signed in to PSN as well, MGO is separate, so even if you never signed up for PSN, you can play MGO.

Lifendz3513d ago

Good for you. Enjoy these years. Me, I'm working and i'll be starting law school in the fall so a little PSN downtime doesn't really affect me too much. Now if this was set to occur on a Saturday afternoon, I think I'd be a little upset.

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PoSTedUP3513d ago

pssh who knows. i was hoping the video store lol lol

jamesrocks31473513d ago

quessin 2.41 FW but its summer and the video store is ment to be out in summer and its only a week or so before E3 so whats going down ere then

chidj23513d ago

me 2 waiting the video store lol

Fishy Fingers3513d ago

Well "midweek" was the rumour for 2.41, this coincides rather well wouldn't you say..

OgTheClever3513d ago

Don't forget that nothing happened after the downtime a couple of weeks ago.

Forbidden_Darkness3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

yes it does indeed. Though a the video store would also be a good addition.

@OgTheClever: yes, the friends list was moved from 50 to 100, so yes something did happen with the downtime.

Nitrowolf23513d ago

yup Forbidden is right
if you didnt catch it b4 and saw it included in the update then you might of got mixed up. Cause 2.4 did not include increase the # of friends to 100 like it said it did

OgTheClever3513d ago

Sorry, my mistake, but I was specifically referring to the fact that no new firmware was put up afterwards.

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The story is too old to be commented.