Kickstart that Game? What the Crowd Funding Bust Means for Developers and Gamers

Exploding Kittens aside, people have rightfully stopped flinging money at video game Kickstarter campaigns, but it still has worth as a funding platform for developers.

The struggle between the creator and their financier is almost as old as artistic expression itself, and video games aren’t exempt from the conflict.

Game developers want to see their ideas come to life on screens worldwide, which is a difficult task without access to a comfortable amount of money. Game publishers can provide these funds, and they can also deal with the nitty-gritty of distribution and advertising. But in order to guarantee sales and see a return on their investment, publishers may require developers to change their vision and / or hand over the rights to intellectual properties like the game’s stories and characters.

While some development studios are happy to compromise, others prefer to retain full creative control of their property. So it’s not surprising that in 2012, the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform looked poised to knock big-name game publishers down a couple levels.

But here we are at the dawn of 2015 and small studios are wondering if Kickstarter is even worth considering at any more.

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GokuSolosAll1418d ago

People still give money. I always donate as much as I can to get my favorite games going. I love making sure they do well. Others are still doing it, too and we all should as gamers.