5 Games to Never Purchase at Full Price

Gaming is an expensive hobby but helps to know that some titles are worth getting on their release date while other better off bought at a discounted price. Here are five types of games to never purchase at full price.

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stanr1414d ago

We all have our own preferred games but some titles are not worth purchasing on day 1.

KimikoGaming1414d ago

Anyone who says "PC Master Race" gets my thumb of disapproval. I was going to approve this article until I got to that part.

zerog1413d ago

My list of the top 5 to not pay full price are 1) call of duty, 2) battlefield, 3) assassins creed, 4) any racing game, 5) any fighting game. Looking back historically these games all get discounted within a month or 2 of release. AC unity and rouge are $30 at gamestop right now and codaw has been obtainable for $40 since before xmas yet all 3 are november releases.

stanr1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I was going to say racing and fighting games but they all fit under the sports category. There is nothing special about Call of Duty and Battlefield (or any generic shooter) to make anyone pay $60 on day one.