Dying Light’s freerunning system is what makes the game compelling

Freerunning is the feature that sets Dying Light apart from the slew of other nearly identical big budget, ultra-violent games on the market and is what makes the game fun.

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pat_11_51267d ago

I really, really like this game's traversal system. Much like Sunset Overdrive, it's why it works.

TheSuperior 1267d ago

I really agree with you. I think this game really had something special with its travel system. Its a game that's easy to pick up and enjoy playing. I thought the graphics were really something too.

pat_11_51267d ago

I think the traversal system is special in the same way that Sunset Overdrive's is. Without it, it just isn't that great of a game - just a small step above Dead Island.

DeadlyOreo1267d ago

Small step above Dead Island? I hated Dead Island, I really wished I could get on with it but I couldnt. However Dying Light is extremely addictive, really glad I purchased, althought Coop is definitely the way it should be played.

Letthewookiewin1267d ago

The detail of the environment is excellent also. And the sound, holy crap.

tastas211267d ago

They can't make games in poland that aren't glitchy lolasd

nucky641267d ago

dying light isn't "glitchy" - game runs great.

Dudebro901267d ago

Eh. The free running is ok, but I'm not feeling that "flow" I got when playing mirrors edge. Until you upgrade to the final level of speed for climbing, the animations are painfully slow.

pat_11_51267d ago

how many hours are you into the game? I took me awhile to get used to the climbing system.

TheUpbringer1266d ago

Same here, I feel the parkour system really sells Dying Light. I didn't know about the breakable roofs until I landed on one and it scared the crap outta me.