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Submitted by incogneato 2700d ago | news

Online multiplayer for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm launched today already has over 30 signatures

So many of you have seen the videos and some of you have even played the demo. A lot of you don't like anime, but everyone can agree that this game will be something special. That is... if it has online multiplayer.

I know everyone online always has to be a pessimist to feel cool, and you all are just itching to say things like "petitions do nothing" but honestly think about it for a minute. It takes about 10 seconds of your time to sign it. And if it works, you get to have have many years of fun with this amazing game. Without online, you'll only have a few days, or maybe weeks, of fun. Petitions don't always work, I agree. But they have worked before and if you can just spare those 10 seconds of your life, this one might work too.

Use the power of N4G for good. Sign it! (Culture, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, PS3)

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Nitrowolf2  +   2700d ago
what no online
that is something i didnt know b4
i will sign, but i dont think it will work
I still wnat the game though, the graphics and gameplay looks awsome
incogneato  +   2700d ago
this is exactly why i made this. everyone would assume a fighting game with offline multiplayer has a simple online extension of that multiplayer. but nope. for some absurd reason they chose not to put it in.

and EVERYONE must know. and EVERYONE must demand online. it is a BASIC feature for a fighting game in the year 2008. ridiculous. this game looks so amazing and theyre going to gimp it.

please approve this guys.
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jwatt  +   2700d ago
The game does look good but there are parts of the game where I see why they didn't put it online but if Dragon ball z can do it then I know they can.
jwatt  +   2700d ago
It's over 100 signitures now, I signed it, even if I don't get it they should make it online.
vickers500  +   2700d ago
Its pointless. Petitions rarely work.
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Luca Blight  +   2700d ago
DBZ Online is just a bunch of cheesers...
Might as well just perfect the single-player/offline multiplayer experience. At least with offline multiplayer, you can physically beat up your friends if they cheese!

Although the game/demo is great, there is great potential for cheese/spamming ultimate attacks which will ultimately hurt the game as it'll only be the same 50 people cheese fighting each other online.
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uie4rhig  +   2700d ago
emailed Bandai a few days back about this.. you guys do the same.. the email is: support[at@at]namcobandaigames [.dot.]com

just complain about it not having online, and say that no people will buy it, including you and blablablabla
Polluted  +   2700d ago
What are these successful gaming petitions they allude to in the story summary?
avacadosnorkel  +   2700d ago
some people
alan001  +   2700d ago
i want an online with it but it will prob delay the game if they add it in and i just cant w8 for this game lol
incogneato  +   2700d ago
online multiplayer is essential
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socomnick  +   2700d ago
Another day another ps3 petition :P
RonDeMuerte  +   2700d ago
Another day another 50,000 360s bite the dust....

By the way....this game looks amazing...I'm pretty sure they'll end up adding online as downloadable content or something.....
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socomnick  +   2700d ago
yea lol of course they will add multiplayer in as dlc. Just like virtual fighter 5. bbbbuttt wait Virtual fighter 5 got multiplayer once it launched on the xbox 360.
Nitrowolf2  +   2700d ago
If delaying the game means getting online then its worth it
is there even a single naruto game with online?
online is a must need in fighting games players need online with it.
Raoh  +   2700d ago
screw online
just please for the love of god allow me to remap the buttons...

using the O button is a bit uncomfortable.. i need a good 3rd party controller that is bigger..

i kept having to take a break from the naruto demo from the awkward button placement....

where would i chime in about that complaint to the developers?
Ninja-Sama  +   2700d ago
They are saving all the stuff they could easily include...
for the inevitable sequel...duh.
Baka-akaB  +   2700d ago
Laggy and crappy online mode isnt worth the delay . so no i wont sign . i'm selfish but this isnt the kind of game i plan to play online anyway , but with most of my friends .

Now either a dlc or a sequel with it would be fine .
incogneato  +   2700d ago
if you get lag playing online games you might wana call your ISP about that or upgrade
Bnet343  +   2700d ago
incogneato, you ever heard of netcode? Yeah ... you might want to research on that.
Dark General  +   2700d ago
Petitions seem to be new thing now a days for gamers with things they don't like. Only problem is they hardly ever change things. Anywho no online in THIS naruto game, i'm sure the next one that'll come out sometime mid next year will have online vs mode. Believe it *Laughs*.
byeGollum  +   2700d ago
.why bother?
it still wont get online haha, ive always played my ultimate ninja games with friends, so i cant say i care if it has online or not but either way its all good
Cusco  +   2700d ago
Signed, you never know. Crystal Dynamics was pressured to release Legacy of Kain: Defiance for PC, so you never know, this might work.
AllroundGamer  +   2700d ago
no online multiplayer in a fighting game these days is just crazy, when i saw the last video interview (i think it was on IGN), where the two devs were playing it live and the editor asked them about the online, they reacted like they wouldn't care and talked rather about stupid download content to hide their shame... I really like the game from the videos, but i have no respect for the devs, when they pull this one through without the online multiplayer.
supergamer  +   2700d ago
signed and spread the word everywhere man good job
Mozilla89  +   2700d ago
I don't think this will work but hey all the more power to you if it does. I played the demo and it really is a great game though I'm not getting it. I dont think I'd ever live it down if my friends found me playing that game...
kmega87  +   2700d ago
I signed it.
Baka-akaB  +   2700d ago
Not so crazy . Quite frankly look around , most fighthing games players dont care that much , not yet . A street fighter fan with a dozen of games already , of course would require as a novelty online mode in sf4 , but anime games ?
Besides the track record for online modes isnt so good , especially with anime games .
Unless my entire country got some crappy net , Dbz burst limit lags , and when it doesnt , it still aint the same , when the game is so frenetic .

And dbz and naruto are quite similar in stuff like button mashing for some features . In every narutimate ps2 and burst limit you mash the evade button like crazy , and so far lose a bit of the timing online . This time around Ninja storm seems like they require now precise timing instead of just mashing to teleport .

So far the only fighting game i've seen with a good online system was VF5 , with a completely different gameplay . I have yet to be convinced by other titles .
AllroundGamer  +   2700d ago
i agree with you, because i know you must have a good ping for such fast paced game (for such fast fighting games i would say Ping under 100 would be appropriate, which means, that your opponent should be from the same country as you), but i still want to have the choice/option to play online, even if i would know about the lag problems...
unrealgamer58  +   2700d ago
hell yeah!!!!!!!!
gnothe1  +   2700d ago
it makes no sense that this game cant have online multi player, but you know what!! you can only blame sony for this game NOT having it. if sonys network didnt force the developers to set up, run an maintain their own servers this game would have online multi player. if Naruto rise of the ninja for the 360 can have online multi player why cant this game.

i no i no XBOT, RROD ,blah blah, disagree, but why doesnt this game have it. the developers may fell that this game wont sell enough to warrant the time needed to implement online multi player an server cost. I would rather have a P2P service to play online than no online at all.
AllroundGamer  +   2700d ago
this has nothing to do with dedicated servers since fighting games are always P2P...
Baka-akaB  +   2700d ago
Hum okaaaayyy .... you shift the convo toward blaming sony's online architecture and stuff that got nothing to do with it , but you're not "xboting" ? ok riiiiiiight .

Again Namco's track record with online fighting isnt good ... tekken DR is quite awful online , got to do probably with their inexperience with online stuff , but also the game not being coded with online from the start .

Then comes Burst limit and tenkaichi 3 (on wii) will online modes that are either crap or average .

Quite frankly the only team that would pull it off probably among namco is probably the Soul calibur studio , then far later down the year (and probably why it's so late tobe released) Tekken 6 ...
iamtehpwn  +   2700d ago
over 30 signatures?
This story has about as many comments as it has signatures. Give me a break. It's not happening, for a title not many people care about like this.

EDIT: Even with 220, No company doesn't give a care about anime games that they produce. They're simply cranked out for fan cash.
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supergamer  +   2700d ago
it has over 220 sigs
Lavagasm  +   2700d ago
OH SNAP! 200 SIGNATURES?!?!?! Man you have an army of people signing your petition!
Batman77  +   2700d ago
I signed too but...
This game isn't getting as much praise as it should be. The graphics are amazing,it has 100 missions in ultimate mission mode, it has an adventure mode and free roam. It sounds like this game has a hell of a single player mode and everyone thinks it won't be an amazing game just cause it doesn't have online (sigh)
rosebowl23  +   2700d ago
i think everyone agrees this game will be amazing but for many people its just hard to spend $60 on something that will only be played for a week or two. myself included
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rosebowl23  +   2700d ago
HOLY CRAP 300 signatures! signed. online for this game would be great and id buy it!
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Bnet343  +   2700d ago
only 300 sigs?
meepmoopmeep  +   2700d ago
yeah, well, good luck to you guys.
BLuKhaos  +   2700d ago
there i signed it 6 times.
ISA_Scum  +   2700d ago
Demo ruled, don't care for online. That fighting reminded me of a personal favorite, The Bouncer (for fight/environment space/story-driven) times a million. I loved the demo. If there is no online, that's what bringing friends over is for. Not just those virtual ones that some gamers seem to have ALL of their relationships with in this world. That and energy drinks...yesh.
Batman77  +   2700d ago
I'm with u ISA
I spend a lot of time playimg naruto ultimate ninja 3 with my friends and more on the story. That game lasted for months so i doubt i'll only spend a week or 2 on this amazing game. But i won't lie though, online would be fun
AZgamerB3yond  +   2700d ago
wait what theres a crap game called naruto and people want online? why did i stop playin burnout, gta 4, rock band and mgs4 to read this junk??ehhh
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