Online multiplayer for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm launched today already has over 30 signatures

So many of you have seen the videos and some of you have even played the demo. A lot of you don't like anime, but everyone can agree that this game will be something special. That is... if it has online multiplayer.

I know everyone online always has to be a pessimist to feel cool, and you all are just itching to say things like "petitions do nothing" but honestly think about it for a minute. It takes about 10 seconds of your time to sign it. And if it works, you get to have have many years of fun with this amazing game. Without online, you'll only have a few days, or maybe weeks, of fun. Petitions don't always work, I agree. But they have worked before and if you can just spare those 10 seconds of your life, this one might work too.

Use the power of N4G for good. Sign it!

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Nitrowolf23732d ago

what no online
that is something i didnt know b4
i will sign, but i dont think it will work
I still wnat the game though, the graphics and gameplay looks awsome

incogneato3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

this is exactly why i made this. everyone would assume a fighting game with offline multiplayer has a simple online extension of that multiplayer. but nope. for some absurd reason they chose not to put it in.

and EVERYONE must know. and EVERYONE must demand online. it is a BASIC feature for a fighting game in the year 2008. ridiculous. this game looks so amazing and theyre going to gimp it.

please approve this guys.

jwatt3732d ago

The game does look good but there are parts of the game where I see why they didn't put it online but if Dragon ball z can do it then I know they can.

jwatt3732d ago

It's over 100 signitures now, I signed it, even if I don't get it they should make it online.

vickers5003732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Its pointless. Petitions rarely work.

Luca Blight3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Might as well just perfect the single-player/offline multiplayer experience. At least with offline multiplayer, you can physically beat up your friends if they cheese!

Although the game/demo is great, there is great potential for cheese/spamming ultimate attacks which will ultimately hurt the game as it'll only be the same 50 people cheese fighting each other online.

uie4rhig3731d ago

emailed Bandai a few days back about this.. you guys do the same.. the email is: support[[email protected]]namcobandaigames [.dot.]com

just complain about it not having online, and say that no people will buy it, including you and blablablabla

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Polluted3732d ago

What are these successful gaming petitions they allude to in the story summary?

alan0013732d ago

i want an online with it but it will prob delay the game if they add it in and i just cant w8 for this game lol

incogneato3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

online multiplayer is essential

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The story is too old to be commented.