GameSpot: Skate It Updated Hands-On

GameSpot recently took their first look at Skate It, EA Black Box's upcoming spin-off of last year's critically acclaimed skateboarding game, Skate. Instead of using Skate's dual-joystick "flick it" controls, Skate It is strictly about the Wii's motion controls. Well, at least it was. In GameSpot's previous look, they were only able to get their hands on the Wii Remote, but this time around Black Box decided to give them a look at how it's aiming to implement the Wii Fit Balance Board as a way of mimicking what it's like to stand on the maple deck of a real-life board.

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PS360WII3667d ago

Sounds like the tricks are paning out well with the balance board but the turning needs work still. Seems like it's going well