10 Franchises Needing Extensions

So what makes a game worthy of a sequel? Is it the fans nostalgia of the previous title? Is it the amazing complex story with diverse memorable characters? Or does the game provide something that is new and unique. How does a company determine whether or not game deserves a following installment to the franchise? Knowing these factors, we here at has come up with a list of 10 franchises that are craving another installment or sequel to add to the universe.

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TheSuperior 1329d ago

I think rare needs to kick it into high gear and Gears of War is overdue. I do think we will see more from them soon tho. Microsoft might be in for some huge announcements!

evilkillerk1329d ago

Honestly Rare does! So far they have started out good with Killer Instinct, but their fans want more. Gears of War needs to come to the Xbox One soon, Judgment was very disappointing. I think Microsoft will announce some new things between now and June.

1329d ago
evilkillerk1329d ago

Would be nice to see but they want to go with off shoot titles

Femto1329d ago

This is the 3rd comment on this post, HL3 confirmed

nowitzki20041329d ago

You have 3 bubbles!!!!! I cant wait to play it.

evilkillerk1329d ago

PlayStation 4 - Xbox One = Half-Life 3 Coming to consoles soon

Dasteru1329d ago

HL2: Ep3 needs to happen. Ep2 ended at a cliffhanger.

voodoochild3461329d ago

I want to know how you kill those things that killed Freeman's colleague at the end of episode 2. (The actual name escapes me atm.)

evilkillerk1329d ago

If they are making HL2: EP3 why not just make HL3 and tie it all into the beginning of the game.

TheCommentator1328d ago

Can you believe Episode 2 was 10 years ago? I wonder how the younger generation will feel about a game series they may know nothing about? I'm super excited though and hope they redo the whole collection.

evilkillerk1329d ago

The most recent call of duty was probably the best call of duty since the first black ops.

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