Tales of Zestiria Could Go On To Do Rather Well Says Media Create

Bandai Namco released Tales of Zestiria in Japan last week, and the game sold 340,891 copies in its first week on store shelves. Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that Zestiria managed to sell through 89.52% of its initial shipment in its first week.

In comparison, 2011’s Tales of Xillia sold 525,605 copies in its first week, selling through 87.12% of its shipment. Meanwhile, Tales of Xillia 2, released in 2012, sold 364,439 copies in its first week, and sold through 78.09% of its shipment.

Media Create says that Tales of Zestiria released during the university entrance exam season in Japan, and so there are likely those that refrained from purchasing it in its first week. (Meaning that some of these people could buy in its second and third weeks, giving it stronger legs.)

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